Few Hours Left For Portal Charity Auction

Few Hours Left For Portal Charity Auction


This replica Portal gun on auction is signed by the entire Valve team.

"100% of the proceeds are going to go to Child's Play Charity," promises Games Art And Music (GAAM), as it puts its replica Portal gun up on ebay. At time of writing there are five hours left to go on this auction, so if you want a shot better hurry over to ebay; preferably with more than $650 in your pocket, as that's the top bid.

The entire Valve team signed this replica, making it a unique item for any gamer's collection. The gun has been on auction before, at the GAAM charity show earlier in December, but failed to make its reserve price. This time it has until December 28th 10:37:18 PST ... tick tock, tick tock!

For those of you who love tech specs, they are as follows:

Life size 1:1 scale replica of the Handheld Portal Device
Orange and blue LED lights
Unique sounds that correspond to each color
3 way switch: blue, orange, off
Pull the trigger to activate the "firing" and sound
Extendable & posable claws

Weighted so it does not roll or require a stand to sit on a flat surface
Officially licensed Portal / Portal 2 collectible made by NECA
Dimensions: 8.5" wide (back shell), 30" long (longer with claws fully extended)
Batteries: 3 C batteries (not included)

GAAM, a Florida-based organization, is "dedicated to widening the acceptance of video games in society, and champion gaming culture," according to its website. This December's event is its first time at bat for charity; best of luck to them for the future!

Source: Joystiq


Wow, looks awesome. Too bad I don't have 650$ to sped right now, gonna go way up anyway later on.

Even at $650 batteries still aren't included...

OP: Looks awesome and I would pay up to a $1000. If I had a $1000.

Potato powered of course!
But even if I could afford it I didn't want it anyway, it'll make me look fat :(

After watching the Desert Bus auctions, $650 for this seems like a bloody steal.

After watching the Desert Bus auctions, $650 for this seems like a bloody steal.

it's still got a bit over 3 hours left, it's gonna skyrocket later i'm sure.

OT: somehow someone will turn this into a "valve is evil and steam sucks!" thing. I wonder what the cost for parts/to make it is.

After watching the Desert Bus auctions, $650 for this seems like a bloody steal.

No kidding. I'm the guy who sent in the portal gun that went for $3600. This is going for peanuts by comparison.

That does sound awfully cheap for something as awesome as that. So yeah, surely the price will skyrocket. Tho at the moment, it`s almost at 1000 bucks. Still, it`ll surely go much higher. It really does look damn cool.

Batteries not included?!? What a ripoff.

If I had the money, I'd bid for that. Sadly with my rent increase at the same time my earnings decreased a few months before Christmas I simply don't have the money. Oh well, I hope someone one else can enjoy roleplaying as Chell.

Honestly, if I wanted a prop like that, I would want it without the signatures. Those signatures make it more valuable to collectors, sure, so from a purely financial standpoint this is better, but I'd want to display it for myself and those signatures just... make it ugly in my view. Well, good luck to the charity.


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