Dune 2 RTS Now Available for Internet Browsers

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Just give up already. Even with the aid of sardoukar sent by Shaddam you failed.

But yeah, great game, great music, grand-dad of RTS


wolf thing:
hell yeah i only started reading the book just recently and i have been meaning to check out the games based on the series.

Then don't bother with Dune II. Its connections to the books are tenuous at best.

Play it because it's an amazing game and look at the genesis of every modern RTS, but don't play it as a story set in the world of the Dune books because it really isn't one.

thank you, ill take that into account. but dont get me wrong i like rts as well. its a shame though the dune univers is pretty cool, id like to see a game that explores it.

Ugh, I feel old now. I remember time when all RTS games were called Dune ripoff.

Ugh, I feel old now. I remember time when all RTS games were called Dune ripoff.

I remember having pointless arguments with people due to everyone mishearing Dune clone as Doom clone.

Ahhh youth.

Fuckin A!

I was JUST looking for this game (or dune 2000) on steam like... last week.

Hell yeah!


There are no unit sound bites... Why aren't their unit sound bites?! I simply MUST hear the 16 bit pew pew to feel truly at home!

Maybe it was Dune 2000 with the sound bites... It's been forever ago... maybe I just don't remember clearly...


Hehehehehe I just made my harvest run over a group of enemy infantry... I miss the good ol days of when you didn't have to hold a button to make that happen.

Genre defining game and great for its time, but I forgot how clunky and slow its controls were. Having to select to move each unit one at a time can get wearing after a while.

I know they're trying to be faithful to the original, but they could have thrown in 2player of some sort I think. Kinda boring to explore such an old game all by my lonesome self :P

I still have this on 3 1/2 inch floppies. Hell, this was the game that inspired me to snag my first sound card. I had to hear all that sweet, sweet speech.

[quote="Fearzone" post="7.397374.16211891"]My personal fav in the series of dune RTS's though was Emperor Battle for Dune. Sure it was waaaay off from cannon but it was a whole lot of fun and really that was all that mattered

That game changed my favorite house from Ordos to Harkonnen. The Ordos were the most difficult because they didn't believe in building rocket launchers, so you had to order them in. But David Arkenstone's crush and grind anthems were so awesome I ripped the audio and made an audio CD that I still regularly play in my car.

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