Elite: Dangerous Hits Kickstarter Goal

Elite: Dangerous Hits Kickstarter Goal

David Braben's followup to the famed Elite is now officially A Thing That Will Happen.

It was a close thing, but the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter that launched on November 5 and wraps up in just a couple of days - January 4, to be precise - has made it across the finish line. The goal of £1.25 million ($2.03 million) is now in the rear view mirror and all that remains is to see what sort of stretch goals can be reached.

If funding reaches £1.4 million, Frontier Developments will release a Mac version of Elite: Dangerous within three months of the Windows launch, while £1.5 million will add another ten playable ships to the game on top of the 15 already planned. A new reward tier of £25 has also been added which will give supporters a 500 credit bonus when they start the game.

"This morning has been incredible, just watching the numbers increase. We currently have a pledge total of over £1.2 million, with less than £50,000 left to raise - not counting stretch goals, but we'll get to that shortly. We now also have 20,505 backers, another incredible number and a huge thanks to each and every one of you," the studio wrote in an update posted earlier today, shortly before the funding goal was reached. "We are going to make this game and it is all thanks to you."

Elite: Dangerous is currently expected to be ready to fly in March 2014.

Source: Kickstarter


I thought it would be even a closer call. But with 50+ hours, they have made it.
Glad to see it happening :) Haven't chipped in, want to see what will come of it.
And hopefully my budget will be nicer to me then it is now ;)

I bought the original Elite in 1984 and now I help fund a sequel 29 YEARS later. God I feel old.

I thought they would fall slightly short glad to be wrong in this case & happier that I'm a backer =)

From Elite on the NES, to Frontier on the Amiga, and finally First Encounters on my PC, this series has had a massive influence on me. I chucked a few quid their way, lets hope they can do a good job of it and they get those planet landings in sooner rather than later!

The concept is nice
The trailer is nice
The being able to hit the kickstarter goal? It's just nice period
You know what it's looking better than nice,
It's lookin Dangerous! OWW Dangerouuuuus! Yeah!

Wireframes and Blue Danube Waltz Ho! I'll buy the finished product for sure. Just a little burnt out on Kickstarter right now.

Hm, I thought the studio was having problems. Glad I was wrong!

I think this is one I will buy once it is released though.

Cool, even though I'm personally not that invested in this getting funded, I'm glad space sims are making something of a resurgence. Curious to see how their procedural generation will end up, too.



I needed to get that out of my system, and there's nobody in close proximity for to unleash my screams of unbridled happiness on. With Star Citizen (for a game with such promise, god that name is awful)reaching $7,259,308 in fundraising, a new Elite game being produced (how did I miss this Kickstarter!) and another X game about to be released (though to be honest, somehow there always seems to be another X game to played) I'm going to have enough new Space Sims over the coming years to keep me content for the first time in more than a decade.



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