Simulated Mars Mission Turned Astronauts Lazy

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Maybe it's the difference between sitting in a small room on Earth... and being in friggin' space. I mean this isn't really a proper simulation since it simulates only a small portion of a space trip methinks.

Was the picture taken in Frodo's spare room?

the darknees abyss:
so being space makes you lazy i need to become an astronaut i already got the lazy thing down.

Yeah I`ll come with you, then I can finally play my gigantic games backlog.

But unfortunately lazyness is the result of the Mission, NOT the Qualification! :-/

The solution is simple.

Step 1: Add windows.
Step 2: Make the lighting the same all along the ship - and maybe put it on a 12-hour on, 12-hour dimmed cycle to help regulate those sleep disorders.
Step 3: Zero-g sports room (cause no one can think "zero-g sport" without thinking of something cool and totally not lethargy inducing.)
Step 4: Windows. Did I mention that?

So it sounds like being deprived of solar radiation causes laziness?

Should have brought a UV lamp in that case.

Easy enough to rectify, give them an good exercise regieme that they have to follow every day and place timed ambient lighting to simulate daylight. Just make the ship look like it has windows and have the lighting behind them or something.

I like how they casually referred to reading as a waste of time, 'non-productive' activity.

Also how was he playing counter-strike? That's an exclusively multiplayer game. The latency you would get via messages sent from space would make it completely worthless, unless they were just playing on LAN. If not, then that isn't much of an experiment, what with their having an easy and constant way to interact with dozens of other people in real time. And no freaking wonder he would be interested in doing that rather than doing other things while locked in a tiny room.

So this is what was wrong with my entire life.

I bet everyone at NASA is thinking... that's why we have a vetting process for our astronauts, to avoid that shit.

I'm not sure how this is a problem, because if I were an Astronaut, I know I wouldn't be all lazy and lethargic at the end of the journey when YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE THE FIRST HUMANS EVER TO STEP FOOT ON A FOREIGN PLANET IN HISTORY.

I dunno about the rest of you, but I'd be pretty fucking excited.

You'd be excited for s while, sure. 17 months stuck in a fucking box tends to change that, regardless of the purpose. Might still perk up a bit around the end though.

Being locked up, knowing the sun and fresh air is right there, right there outside this thing. Staying in there for 520 days? That's one of the worst things I can think of.

Oh, and for every thing that can go wrong during the trip there, you still have the trip back to look forward to.

Nope. Manned mission to Mars is planned as a one way. You'd pretty much have to be ready die the whole time, knowing that that even if you make it there, you're not leaving until you do. Wonder if that's going to have an effect on the astronaut's survival skills?

They should have installed a computer that was programemd to go insane halfway into the trip and promptly tried to kill them all.

That would have motivated them.

Or killed them.

I still can't believe that NASA is serious about doing this. Just makes watching scifi even more exciting, some of the shit is now actually plausible in the near future! My girlfriend (who is an adamant scifi hater) will have a hard time accepting this, lol

By the time we are able to get to Mars we'd have probably invented the kind of cryosleep that allows you to spend the entire journey under anyway. So they'd not have to worry about boredom and such.

Cryosleep technology is much further off than manned travel to Mars. We are not even close to achieving cryosleep whereas we can put people on the moon in a couple decades if NASA had the kind of funding and focus it did in the 60's and early 70's. In fact if the space race between the USA and USSR had not all but died in 70's someone would likely have had a man on Mars in the 90's. With the joke budget and lack of enthusiasm that plagues space agencies today who knows when we will send humans to Mars, if ever.

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