Capcom Vancouver's Making Capcom's Next Big Game

Capcom Vancouver's Making Capcom's Next Big Game


The folks who made Dead Rising 2 have a new game in store and are looking for staff.

If you enjoyed the zombie madness that was Dead Rising 2, you have Capcom Vancouver to thank; but what of the future? Well, the head office has given Capcom Vancouver the green light to work on something completely new, and it's looking for staff. "P.S." the press release reads, "No Zombies!"

Of course, Capcom Vancouver could be trying to weed out the undead from its staff intake - which might break some discrimination laws - but the enigmatic postscript could also mean that its latest title is zombie free. Regardless, it's looking for a ton of fresh new faces for its latest project. "We've been given the opportunity to create Capcom's next big game," says Capcom Vancouver, but the developer coyly refuses to hand out much information as to what that title could be.

"We're just getting started with the game so this is a great chance to really get your hands deep into the design," says Capcom Vancouver. "It's your opportunity to put your stamp on a game early in the development process."

For more information, check out the description here - what there is of it - and then head over to Capcom's career page.

Source: Eurogamer


Even with so little information this is bound to sirup a few applicants.

Yay! I really liked the DR franchise and the devs are pretty passionate. It's good that Capcom will have a new IP to carry over into the next gen.

Just don't have DLC though. Capcom sucks at this.

Well, since they asked specifically that any new staff employee wanting to apply for this job isn't a zombie, I think it's fair to say this new game will indeed feature zombies (because it would be kinda wrong for a zombie to work on a game that features the killing of a lot of zombies. They might get upset).
So: New Dead Rising game it is it seems.

No zombies? Clearly they mean Resident Evil 7.

wow, i wonder who they had to kill or do favors for in order to make this work

taking all bets on how long it goes until capcom axes it or they add poison pill changes in the middle of development


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