Nintendo Aims at Movie Star Power

Nintendo Aims at Movie Star Power


Nintendo is taking its Wii U to the Sundance Film Festival.

Nintendo already has the theme tune, so all it needs is a venue to show off the Wii U's star power. What better venue than the Sundance Film Festival? That's where Nintendo intends to show off the entrants to its 48 hour Wii U Video Challenge, held just a few days ago.

YouTube filmmakers were asked to participate in the Video Challenge, creating New Super Mario Bros. U films that showed off the capabilities of Nintendo's latest console. Twelve of those participants were selected to show off their work at Sundance; the finalists were split into groups of four, to create three Wii U films. These short subjects will be screened for the first time on January 17th, in front of film industry people, Nintendo executives, and other important folks, all of whom will get to vote on the final champion.

Sundance, Robert Redford's independent film incubator, maybe isn't the first place the gaming industry would think of to host an event, but Nintendo's clearly aiming high. In addition to the film event, Nintendo also intends to show off as yet unreleased Wii U games at its Sundance Lounge, according to the Hollywood Reporter, so if you happen to be in or around Park City, Utah, and fancy a look at Nintendo's latest, why not wander over and take a peek?

Source: Game Informer


Never mention movies and Mario in the same universe ever again, images of Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo pop into my head in that god forsaken film. *shudder*

I'm surprised Square Enix didn't try this out first

Although reporting new games at a film festival seems like an odd idea

I think, I think I called this in the Extra Punctuation: Death of Mario

Well they could always try another movie.

I briefly panicked because I thought they were gonna try to make another movie.

Thank GOD this isn't the case.

I don't know why they would try to be there, but I guess more exposure wouldn't hurt.

Why do I suspect this is going to be greeted with cries of blasphemy from Sundance atendees? It does seem like a cynically commercial move at a festival that's always prided itself on championing good films that were otherwise likely to slip under the radar.

Well, whatever gets you more attention and sales, right Nintendo?

I hear the Grammys and the Golden Globe awards might have an open slot!


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