Dragon's Dogma Expansion Debuts in April

Dragon's Dogma Expansion Debuts in April

Dark Arisen brings players underground for new enemies, equipment, and skills.

Dragon's Dogma wasn't perfect by any means, but it didn't suffer from a lack of content. That said, if you've already exhausted most of what the kingdom of Gransys has to offer, Capcom has a reason for your hero to dust off his or her adventuring boots. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, touted as a "major expansion," will touch down in April and bring the standard assortment of new enemies to fight, items to equip, and skills to learn with it.

The expansion takes place on Bitterback Isle, which invites players to take their adventure underground. There, they will encounter over 25 new enemies and find more than 100 pieces of new equipment. Each class will have access to a new tier of skills, and both players and their pawns will have additional augments to choose from. New players can start a game with the expansion content activated, while veterans can import their characters and receive a number of rewards for doing so, including Rift Crystals, Ferrystones, and a new set of armor.

In an age of piecemeal DLC packages, an old-school RPG expansion is welcome news, although it comes with a caveat. Dark Arisen will sell for $40, making it a considerably bigger investment than the usual modern add-on. Adventurers willing to open their wallets will find the game for both retail purchase and download on April 23 in North America and April 26 in Europe on both the PS3 and 360.


Is one of the new 100 pieces of equipment a muzzle for chatty NPC henchmen?

Heh I'd settle for a shock collar that goes off whenever they state the obvious or repeat the same piece of text within 3 hours.

OT: I'm actually liking the sound of a proper expansion and it sounds like they've put the effort into it, though I'm going to wait to hear more info about it before I decide whether to fork money over for it or not.

I really need to check this game out, I never got around to it the first time.

CO-OP OR DIE. It's the perfect game for co-op and they won't let us have it those damnable folks at capcom.

I really need to check this game out, I never got around to it the first time.

It's an odd game that not everyone likes but I liked it. Especially after

I hope we get a full sequel sometime, maybe on the next set of consoles. One with less talkative pawns and more large monsters. The large monsters are always fun to fight but fighting that same cyclops a dozen times starts to wear on you.

I wonder if Assassin will still be incredibly broken still. What's the increase after all is said and done? about 400%?

I might buy it, I thought it was worth $60 at least.

Man, $40? I mean, if "old school RPG expansion" is what they were going for, awesome, and good on them. To be honest, I'd rather pay a higher price for a great piece of content that will last a decent amount of time. Dragon's Dogma was one of my favorite games last year, so I'm looking forward to this, and if it's as good as I hope it is, will probably pick it up.

Did that higher difficulty ever make it into the States, by the way? Or was that still just a Japanese exclusive?

I've been a huge fan of this game, and was stoked about Dark Arisen. Was, until I saw that $40 price get mentioned. I'll shell out the money for it, if they refund my money for their shitty "Under a Different Sky" quests.

I'll probably still buy this expansion, but I'm severely disappointed.

And it'll beat the Borderlands 2 add-ons. God, I'll never stop getting suckered by that series, even when I know I'll regret it.


Did that higher difficulty ever make it into the States, by the way? Or was that still just a Japanese exclusive?

Yes we finally got the Hard and Speed Run modes, which I was enjoying until my Xbox bricked this morning.

More Dragons Dogma? Oh god yes.
Though for $40 I will have to check out some reviews first.
I really hope it's worth the price tag and the wait.

Definitely excited for this and am going to put-off finishing my current game so I can get the NG+ when this comes out (and put it on "hard more").

I find it interesting that they're including the original game on the disc (not mentioned here but I've read this info on various other sites). This doesn't scream "an old-school RPG expansion" to me, seeing as those would typically cost $30 and you'd get the extra content, not the extra plus the the original game. I'll still buy it, and keep my original copy, but it just feels off.

I have been holding off on Dogma for $$'s sake. When I played the demo I was sold right away - I will have this game eventually!

Hmm... this might make me get Dragon's Dogma back again. It was incredibly mediocre, but I had a lot of fun with it.

$40 for DLC? I don't think so, Capcom. I'll be damned if I'm going to shell out two 20s to repurchase a game I already own just to get the new content.

I'm more intrigued by what exactly this "Dark Arisen" is supposed to be. If it's essentially a negative version of

then I admit, my interest is piqued. That certainly tripped me out the first time it happened.

I was all set to get this until I saw it was $40. When I learn whether or not its a decent expansion and not the equivalent of adding a few new floors to the Everfall, a ton of probably useless equipment with 1% drop rates, a few new skills, and a smattering of re-skinned enemies I'll probably get it.

Its Capcom so you kind of need to assume the bare minimum, thanks to their continued efforts to disrepute their own brand over the past decade.

Also I'd need a new *working* TV, and gee *money* to properly enjoy it. So yeah...


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