Heavy Rain Composer Dies

Heavy Rain Composer Dies


Normand Corbeil, who was working on the music for Beyond: Two Souls, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Normand Corbeil, composer of the music for Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit and Beyond: Two Souls, has died of pancreatic cancer. He was 56 years old.

His son broke the news on a cancer support website. Corbeil, whose achievements included many television and movie projects, won a BAFTA award for his work on Heavy Rain. In an interview when the game was released, Corbeil said he wasn't very good at playing Heavy Rain, but admired it greatly.

"Everyday of your life be ready to catch the idea that will come to you and writing down," said Corbeil. "It is a hard job. Just work and rework and rework. This is for me the process. But at the same time it is a privilege to be able to make your living with what you love to do."

It's not clear at this time whether Corbeil was able to finish his work on Beyond: Two Souls.

Source: Eurogamer


They really aughta dedicate the game to him.

That's unfortunate, the soundtrack was probably the finest part of Heavy Rain.

I didn't know he got a BAFTA award.

They really aughta dedicate the game to him.

Also, this.

RIP Mr. Corbeil.

I enjoyed some of his work in Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain a lot, and have no doubt it will/would have been the same for Beyond: Two Souls.

Damn shame. The music in Heavy Rain was fantastic. I look forward to hearing his final work in Beyond when it comes out.

While I am not a big fan of heavy rain, the music was really good. So they better dedicate beyond to him.
Also:any kind of cancer death always makes me sad

This is really sad news as Heavy Rain is still my #1 PS3 title to date and the music just added more depth to the game.

This theme seems fitting for Mr. Corbeil


Sad news and I hope he lived a full life. Certainly his work on Heavy Rain was amazing and, if they do include the work he was doing for Beyond: Two Souls, then I'm sure it will be something to listen to.

Good luck on your next journey, Mr Corbeil.

OH what the... ._.

R.I.P. Man, you were absolutely great.

Requiescat in pace Mr. Corbeil.

I love heavy rain and music was awesome.

Tragic, he left his mark in good and emotiionally charged music and I hope finished his final work on Two Souls.

damn hell. lots of good people in the industry seem to die of cancer these days.

RIP, haven't played it, plan to now that I have a PS3. Shame to see someone that young go to cancer :(

FUCK! Son of a- DAMMIT! Ah, dammit!

R.I.P you magnificent bastard! But why'd he have to die so soon?! Cancer can eat a dick when it effects good people... I hope he finished beyond two souls soundtrack...


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