Double Fine Unveils Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition

Double Fine Unveils Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition

Die-hard Double Fine fans will soon be able to lay their hands on an impressive two-disc special edition of the Amnesia Fortnight.

The Amnesia Fortnight is a two-week exercise in balls-out creativity at Double Fine, during which all regular work comes to a halt while employees divide themselves into small teams and make whatever games they want. It's been a purely internal process in the past but late last year Double Fine teamed with the Humble Bundle folks to invite the public to vote on which of 23 proposed ideas would make it into development.

Five games eventually made the cut - Autonomous, Black Lake, Hack 'n' Slash, Spacebase DF-9 and The White Birch - and have now been collected into a special edition box set that includes prototypes for all five, plus the five-hour documentary filmed by 2 Player Productions, a 15-song soundtrack and "bonus prototypes" for Brazen, Costume Quest and Happy Song.

The Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition will sell for $30, but wait! That's not all! For $45 you can get a sexy slipcase featuring one of the Amnesia Fortnight games, signed by the project lead, or for $70 you can have all five slipcases signed by all five project leads! On the other side of the coin, if you have no interest in discs or boxes and just want to see how Double Fine blew two weeks in December, you can snag the DRM-free digital version, with the soundtrack and the documentary, for $9.99.

But if you're a Double Fine fan and a box fetishist with 30 bucks to kill, this seems like a no-brainer. The Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition is currently available for preorder and the studio warned that "our ability to produce these items depends on our volume of preorders." The boxed edition includes codes for the digital edition that will be delivered right away, however, and if there isn't enough interest to support the box set, all payments will be refunded but you'll be able to keep the downloadable versions anyway.

All the details and links to order the boxed and digital versions of the Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition are up now at


To me, this is why doublie fine studios will always be around. They are willing to attempt GREAT ideas like this! I mean, the idea markets itself. Can't wait!

I hope 2PP will finally get around to doing that final wrap up video us Humble Bumblers are waiting for...

Thse guys know how to keep gaming fun free and soul filled. Gee like you could ever see EA do something this creative.

Digital Download? DRM-Free? All that sweet loot? Count me in, good people, count me in.

I'd be willing to buy this for Autonomous alone.

Autonomous is pretty good, the Space Base one is very lackluster, Hack and Slash is a cool concept but very short so you never really flesh out the idea, Black Lake is very good (surprisingly so), and White Birch is okay.

I'd be willing to buy this for Autonomous alone.

Autonomous is pretty good, the Space Base one is very lackluster, Hack and Slash is a cool concept but very short so you never really flesh out the idea, Black Lake is very good (surprisingly so), and White Birch is okay.

I thought Autonomous was so frustrating to figure out that I didn't bother spending much time with it. They didn't really bother explaining at all how it worked, just gave a list of buttons that did stuff and not why you'd want to do any of it, and then spawned me in a corner where three different things could shoot at me from behind cover as soon as I opened the door out of the starting area, and that was officially No Fun, so I quit and moved on to the next one.

Spacebase really needed a lot more time to add more depth/systems to it to be interesting at all, but it has potential. As it was, it was pretty boring in terms of gameplay, but the sci-fi references were funny. Hack 'n' Slash on the other hand lets you do a lot of cool stuff if you poke around with it. Some of those abilities could get very silly very quickly in a larger scale game.

I really liked the atmosphere of both Black Lake and The White Birch. Even though Black Lake was mostly just following a linear path, they did a good job of making the things in the forest creepy and making me want to know what's going on there. I have no idea what the point of The White Birch is, and the controls/collision detection are a little wonky at times, but damn if the character design and animation and all that don't have style. I also gave it my first ever Skirt of the Year award, because that thing is mesmerizing.

Very interesting looking. Somehow, I missed this on Humble Bundle even though I've been with them since the first one...! Will there be future support/patches for these games to iron out bugs/add features and the like?


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