Crunch Magic Predicts Your Next Favorite Game

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Crunch Magic Predicts Your Next Favorite Game

Play this game about your old games to find new games.

There's an old saying: "You never truly know someone until you dangle their video games over a raging fire." Well, something like that, anyway; that's the version that a small team from Norman, Oklahoma must have had in mind when they created Crunch Magic. Waylon Flinn, founder of the website, describes it as "Pandora for games," though I don't remember Pandora ever threatening to destroy my favorite songs as a test of my devotion.

Here's how it works: visitors to the site log in with their Steam accounts, allowing Crunch Magic to peek at their game library. Users earn Zelda-style hearts for answering a handful of basic questions about their personality. Then, with an ominous warning of "This is going to hurt!" the site pulls a few games from your personal Steam library and slowly lowers them into an inferno - unless you save them by sacrificing your newly earned hearts. It's a simple system, but it can create some gut-wrenching choices. At one point, I died (yes, you can die in this personality quiz) because I couldn't stand to see Deus Ex go up in flames.

Completing each of the meta-game's three levels earns you a larger heart meter and a handful of recommended games (with links to their page on the Steam store, if you want to investigate further). The first two batches of games represent the most popular games from all users, while the final payoff is a set of games chosen specifically to fit your personality. For those curious, this list is compiled by using established psychology practices to find games that were saved by other players with similar personality profiles to your own.

The site was created on the principle that great games are great because they resonate with us on a personal level. "Most games are made to appeal to everyone," says the site description. "Because of that they feel like they were made for no one in particular. We're tired of the same old trash. We want to find games made just for us."

If you feel like putting your taste in games to a trial by fire, you can head over to the beta version of the site to give it a go. Just remember to use those hearts sparingly - you'll need them.

Source: Crunch Magic, via Joystiq


I don't suppose that, without a Steam library, I can't just tell them my collection of video games and go from there? Because, well, I don't have a Steam library. Or Steam, for that matter.

I can't tell if this is terriying or genius... or both.

If only all targeted advertising was this clever.

It called me amoral and serious. :( Also, it didn't sem to work on IE, at least for me. Worked on Firefox alright.

apparently its recomending 2 driving games for me.. i hate driving games

I don't suppose that, without a Steam library, I can't just tell them my collection of video games and go from there? Because, well, I don't have a Steam library. Or Steam, for that matter.

Nope, you can only sign in through steam. And it's in beta for a reason, I got a bunch of games that I wouldn't think I would enjoy.
On more on topic, it seemed pretty interesting, went through it and the personality I got was 'amoral and serious' which is true, I guess. Games seem to be slightly inaccurate though, possible it didn't give me enough direction why I was saving it. Was I saving it cause it was good, or was I saving it cause I will play it again(or is playing)

Post script:
It also didn't use all 86 games, and more it seems cause it was including mods. So I can't say it was accurate, cause it was consistently selecting the games I didn't play

It says I am untried and amoral. I'd like to think that.

It also recommended me 3 JRPGS. I've barely ever played a JRPG. Maybe it's telling me to discover new things? Clever, you sadistic browser game you.

"You cared too much. Try again."

I guess it's time to close my Steam account. Gaming is not for me.

EDIT: Oh, I get it. I 'saved' too many games. It seems that I am too much an old dog nowadays. I had no idea what was going on, which sums up my experience half the time in any modern 'Google GUI' or many of the 'indy' games I have tried.

But, yeah, I get what I did wrong now. Not going back into the fray though.

It said I was anxious and vulnerable. I can't disagree with that at all. As for recommended games, it recommended a game that I already own, two that look interesting, and one that just looks dumb.

Wow what a terrible list of suggested games for me.


Evil Smurf:

It's saying your avatar is too cute.

Apparently i'm Stoic and moderate

The game suggestions, looked interesting... some of which i had seen before but decided against

Oh wow the game told me there was a Call of Cthulhu game for the PC...this I did not know, really looking forward to trying it out. Though the rest of the recommendations are pretty abysmal...basically games I would never play.
Also I'm apparently "unpretentious and reserved".

I'm Passive and Discouraged. Shit, too true Crunch Magic, too true...

Can't say the same about the recommendations though; Two games I already have, a driving game, a point and click adventure game and Indigo Prophecy (which isn't even on Steam!)... Weird.

And wow, the Captcha is getting into memes now... That's terrifying:


Feisty and amoral...

I would like to think that just because I didn't save most of the games I'm not "amoral". I mean, I didn't answer questions in a way that, at least to me, seemed amoral.

When I have 700+ games on my Steam library, just what in the hell could this recommend to me?

No wonder it's in beta. A retarded chimp throwning ninja stars off the moon could hit better choices at the local gamestop as my "next favourite game" than this piece of shit software. It came up with games I detest. Keep trying though, clever idea.

Anybody else having a problem where they couldn't save anything on the second round? I was clicking like mad on Bioshock and it got burnt anyway...

"You're unsacrificing and serious." I guess that's kind of accurate. The game it recommended however are for the most part things I am not interested in.

Huh, so it's a game that tries to emotionally abuse you with fictional works you love and then advertises new games to you to buy. Sounds great.

It's a neat way to do surveys, certainly the most enjoyable one in my lifetime.
But the results are completely useless, all recommended games I've beaten several times or rather put many many hours into their multiplayer... you kind of need to recommend shit I haven't played yet.

Not entering my Steam account details, sure the site might be run by nice trust worthy people but how trust worthy is their security? I barely trust Valve to keep it safe, not letting anyone attempt the same.

Eh, it can somewhat pick my tastes, but it hardly found what could be my next favourite game.
1 game that is of a type I normally wouldn't play, but looked somewhat interesting so I'd probably give it 1 go, finish it then move on.
2 games that I had no interest in whatsoever, 'cause I really hate that type of game.
1 game that I had already thought about getting, but decided against as I wouldn't have played it that much.
1 game that is more the style that I like, but looked horridly generic and worth maybe 1 playthrough.

Maybe its the state of the indie scene and industry, but there are few games that appeal to me these days. And I had high hopes for this too =(

It said I was stoic and collected. Very very true.
Sadly, most of the games it recommended I already have.

Didn't work for me, I let the stream of games I'd never heard of tumble endlessly into the fire. If it had a higher cap I'd have ended up with about 50.

The number one game it recommended is one I played, and fucking hated.

Also, the fact that I can't redo this thing is really stupid.

Sober and Vunerable.... Ok then Im most likely going to retake this quiz I am anything but vunerable
ok so I can't retake it..

According to this I'm anxious and undefined. I am not entirely sure what I should think about that to be honest...

Also it linked to games I already had or aren't interested in, but knew of already...

My results:
Now let us see here...

Top 2012:
Borderlands 2: Nope. Didn't like that one.
Torchlight 2: It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't amongst my favorites.
FarCry 3: I'm not too big on sandboxes. This one could be different, but I usually get bored by them.
XCOM - Enemy Unknown: Yep, it's up there on my top of 2012 list.

Top games:
Team Fortress 2: ..meh. It's kinda fun, but not THAT fun.
Skyrim: It was fun until my NPCs started doing all the work for me, after that it was just another sandbox that I got bored of.
Portal 2: Yeah, it was fairly fun, especially the co-op. Not a top game, however.
Civ V: I like strategy and tactics. I don't like the grand strategy genre, however. Haven't tried Civ V, but I'm fairly certain it won't change my stance on that.
Borderlands 2: Like I said. Didn't really like.

Recommended: Haven't tried most of them, but Serious Sam 3 never kicked off and I got bored by it. Ugh. The rest of them may be good.

..I'm not too impressed by this thing. That being said, my Steam library doesn't really reflect my taste in games rgR, as I have a lot of stuff on consoles and non-steam-related things.

According to this, I'm Confident and invulnerable....

I unbiassedly support this test.

Huh...apparently my number one personalised game that I should buy is Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, an animu schoolgirl RPG. I have no idea what in my library or choices prompted that one.

Bordelands 2 it recommended twice and I do really want to play that when I get a PC capable of it.

Also I'm stoic and serious.

I am amoral and vulnerable. Vulnerable I get, but amoral?

I can't tell if this is terriying or genius... or both.

I'm going to go with both.


Evil Smurf:

It's saying your avatar is too cute.

It just got way cuter.

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