The Last Of Us Studio Won't Tone Down Violence

The Last Of Us Studio Won't Tone Down Violence


Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann says that "everything in the game is necessary for the story."

Violent videogames are once again under the microscope and the game industry is once again doing everything it can to mollify critics, from participating in hearings on gun violence to excising entire segments from upcoming games. But Naughty Dog says it won't compromise on The Last Of Us, an end-of-the-world survival-action game featuring a 14-year-old girl who gets caught up in some pretty harrowing scenes of violence.

"For us, everything in the game is necessary for the story," Druckmann said. "The reason Ellie is that age and the violence is that brutal is because of what we're saying with the story. You have to buy into the conflict and desperation these characters live under. If you remove any of those elements, the story suffers, and that's why we would never do it."

A gameplay trailer from last year's E3 shows Joel, Ellie's companion, viciously beating and killing opponents, including one downed enemy he executes with a close-range shotgun blast to the face. Ellie expresses shock at Joel's violence but ultimately takes part in it herself, stabbing a man in the back. The sheer brutality and very up-close-and-personal nature of the violence make it stand out even in the blood-soaked realm of videogames, but according to Druckmann, that's the point.

"For someone like Ellie, because this is the only world she's ever known, things we would find horrific and that would probably scar us for life are just everyday occurrences for her," he continued. "She can still, in a way, keep some of her innocence because of that. She pulls the humanity out of Joel, and this is really a coming-of-age story for Ellie."

The PlayStation 3-exclusive The Last Of Us comes out on May 7.

Source: Huffington Post


They won't compromise the violence, because everything in the game is essential for their story?

Thank goodness.

Good on you Naughty Dog. I salute you.

I can't wait till this game gets released and the moronic media groups get hold of it.

Did anyone ask you to, though...?

The only reason anyone else is doing it is because of potential damage control. If you're not gonna tone down anything though, then whoopdee-doo. It's not like we're expecting everyone to bend because it's what comes naturally or something.

In a world like that even 14 year olds need to get brutal, keep dat shit in, yo.

News flash: humans were violent brutal creatures before videogames came out and will continue to be long after the spores consume civilization. If Sandy Hook taught us anything, it's that not being old enough to drive doesn't make you immune to bullets.

Well that does it, I'm going to play this game like crazy and then go on a rampage as I try to avoid desperate gangs of survivors among post apocalyptic ruins, eventually having to desperately fight them with my bare hands since good grief I only have about 4 bullets for my revolver. And don't get me started on the fungus head zombies.

Did anyone ask you to, though...?

The only reason anyone else is doing it is because of potential damage control. If you're not gonna tone down anything though, then whoopdee-doo. It's not like we're expecting everyone to bend because it's what comes naturally or something.

Quite probably someone asked him or prompted him to make this statement, otherwise it would've never reached our ears.

Just watched that video for the first time. Holy shit! This game wasn't even on my radar before today.

I honestly don't think this game would've been a target for violent game protesters though. That honour usually falls to the Call of Duty's in this world. Anything that involves virtual guns in the middle of the screen.

Still, nice sentiment.

I do hope Naughty Dog is going to turn down the snark for Ellie though, because from what I've seen of her in the trailers she's going to annoy the bejeezus out of me.

Boy am I happy this article came up, I guess I wasn't paying attention during Sony's press conference. I just watched the trailer and I now want this game.

...Sorry, wrong meme. Cool story bro.

I suppose it gives you cheap publicity.

Thats great, I'm really glad they're not shying away from the violence. I'm also glad they aren't trying to capitalize on it at the same time.

Just telling their story, the way they meant it to be told. My hats off to you.

So long as Naughty Dog doesn't appease these anti-video game idiots they'll have my full support in this.

( I don't reply to " Quotes " ).

Andy Chalk:
Ellie expresses shock at Joel's violence but ultimately takes part in it herself, stabbing a man in the back.

Wow, this line alone, taken out of context, makes it sound like Ellie is just joining in with the violence because Joel's some kind of super cool bad influence. However if the haters actually watch the video they'll see that her violent actions are complete self defence.

This is why people should not criticise things before they're even released. Good job Naughty Dog; you just keep being you, that's why we love ya.

Thank you devs.

Hopefully this will help people understand that 'video games can handle violence in a mature manner' too.

Don't give in to public whiny pressure!

Sections shouldn't be cut from games unless they're truly unnecessary: don't fit the tone and are out of place, and if a scene such as that made its way there in the first place, you can't help but wonder what the devs were up to. That said I'm incredibly glad that Naughty Dog is making this choice; it'd be caving into pressure they don't deserve and frankly, it'd diminish the final product. Cutting violence out of a game about a post-apocalyptic world? That's just silly.

I like this, I like this alot. Naughty dog is determined to make their vision reality and they are willing to take media backlash for it and stand for their artistic integrity. They deserve a cake or sugary item of their choice.

I'd be depressed if Naughty Dog or any publishers tried to tone this game down. It's a post-apocalyptic scenario detailing the lives of two people as they try to survive in it, and one of them just happens to be an underaged, teenage girl. It's a morality play and an analysis of human nature as much as it is a test to see how many times you can shoot an enemy in the head before said enemy shoots you in the head.

But yeah, I'm sure that SOMEONE'S gonna see Ellie stabbing someone in the back and take that the entirely wrong direction. By wrong, I mean retardedly stupid.

thats great from you guys. these idiots should just shut the hell up. they are so damn blind to the reason for it. damn, why not boycott the movie kickass. after all, she is 12 and kills people in brutal ways. why not complain about war movies. they are brutal. imagine they would remove the violence in it as well. damn, the movie would be boring and no one can take it seriously.
these idiots should be given the finger and not even be allowed to release their stories.

now if you can release the game for the pc please, that would be great.

Playstation 3 exclusive?! NOOOOOOOO.

I fully support their stance.
However, she is 14? from al lthe screenshots i saw she looked like 17-20 to me.
now, make this available for PC and nto jsut a shotty port ala extreme conditions style.

I really had my cage rattled when I saw how brutal this game was going to be and I LIKE have my cage rattled.
Glad to here they're sticking to their guns.

I don't actually like this argument....
Even if certain violent scenes are not essential for the story why remove it or tone it down? Free expression and all that...and also because there is no link between games and the argument that it's essential shouldn't even be made.

You are giving a free pass to those who are arguing against violent games. you should debate with them at that primary point. Do games cause mass shootings? And not have games justifying their content before it's proven that content actually has a negative externality on society

From an artistic's nice to hear that all the various mechanics have been thought out instead of just inserting random action filler.

...but no one told them to tone down the violence. It's like a pro gun guy getting to twitter "I BOUGHT A SHOTGUN! FUCK YOU OBAMA YOU CAN'T STOP ME" 'well no one wants to take your shotgun'


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