See 15 Minutes of DayZ Development

See 15 Minutes of DayZ Development

So why does this DayZ developer not want to put on his pants?

Welcome to fifteen minutes of DayZ video development blog, "the first of its kind, actually," as Dean 'Rocket' Hall is quick to remind us. Gaze upon the power of pants, and see how they can destroy Matt Lightfoot's soul! Well, not quite; but he does seem remarkably reluctant to put them on.

It's mainly world building stuff, so if you have a yen to know what loot spawning will be like, or whether there will be new environments to splash around in, this is the update you've been waiting for. One new idea, the swamp section, came courtesy of Ivan Buchta. "He wrote to us when he was in prison in Greece," said Lightfoot, "he thought that a swamp would be a great place to mix it up a bit and add a different type of play style." Another came courtesy of 4chan, proof positive that the development team listens to the fans.

"We're getting plenty of bugs coming in from our closed internal testing," says the development team in a blog post, "and we haven't moved to our closed external testing just yet. There is still no timeframe for when this will happen, but we're committed to continuing with these development updates and blog posts."

So, next week Monday then? You can bring the popcorn.

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"Enough whit that russian nigger letters"
Oh fuck me I love youtube comments so much.

Looks better than War Z already. Not saying much but it is a start. That said I think the game is shaping up to be pretty good, the development team seems really passionate about this project and I look forward to see how they do when it's released. Hell, if I hear good enough things about, I might just give it a try as well.

"More beans Mr. Taggert?"

When do we get to see them fighting zombies?

"Enough whit that russian nigger letters"
Oh fuck me I love youtube comments so much.

ROFL. Yeah I saw that, I had quite the laugh :D

As long as the teleporting zombies get sorted out, I will be happy. Also, I like the idea that people will have to spend longer searching through buildings, and will maybe be more vulnerable and inattentive. If you can just walk briskly through a room and immediately know whether stopping is going to be worth your while, it makes it much harder to sneak up on a person.

Ok I'm convinced they are putting so much work into this, but have they fixed the glitchy zombies?

One thing that put me off of getting ARMA 2 (and subsequently DayZ) was the movement of zombies were so unpredictable to the point where it was just bullshit. That, and it ran terribly even on good systems.

Also, I hope you can get rid of that silly motion blur.

Already looking awesome.

I like the idea of being able to use pockets on clothing as storage as well as a back pack.

Man it looks so much better
I hope there won't be any F/*-ing fake doors
Maybe some that are locked so you need spend time to unlock them (with proper tools)
Or wooden locked doors that can be alternatively smashed open with an axe or crowbar (with increased noise of course)
Hell some could only be "opened" with explosives (high security or seriously damaged ones)


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