Bullet Run to Stop Running

Bullet Run to Stop Running


SOE's F2P shooter will shutdown after only six months.

Acony Games and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) are shutting down their free-to-play shooter Bullet Run after releasing six months ago. They plan to sunset the game over the next month. By March 8th, the game, website, and forums will all vanish into the electronic mist. More details on the shutdown can be found on the official Bullet Run blog.

Bullet Run featured a future gameshow aesthetic, where players could earn style points and taunt opponents for audience approval. Perhaps it simply got lost in a sea of F2P shooters. More than likely, a Metacritic score of 53%, with PC Gamer calling it, "a cynical attempt at milking players for money" had something to do with it. Even so, it never seemed to have garnered much attention in the press, especially coming from a high profile publisher like SOE.

"While we remain very proud of the game we created and the enjoyment that it gave a lot people, commercial realities have unfortunately made continued support for it unsustainable," Acony posted on their website. "We hope that the loyal community of people who played the game had as much fun playing the game as we had making it, and we would like to offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last few years."

Acony Games certainly faces a grim future. While they will keep the game's source code, a relaunch isn't likely. It's doubtful they expected to have their only project collapse so soon. Currently, Acony's website is blank, save for a goodbye note and an email address. Regardless of the game, it's never a good thing to hear about developers' jobs in jeopardy.

Source: Bullet Run


This is the first time I'm ever hearing about this game. It came out six months ago? Huh.

Not really surprising, I played a couple rounds of the game when it was released. Every game just came down to run forward and shoot until you die, and then do it again. There was no incentive to keep going seeing as the first gun was enough to kill everyone and the skills were worthless.

i misread it as a bulletstorm sequel..

anyways, the game, like others already said, was meh.

or myeh.

also inb4 dvs bstrd:

seems like they ran out of bullets.

Never heard of this one before now, either.

Was probably nothing special.

I never knew it existed... but PC Gamer have been right before on warning of shameless money milkers.

I'm sad to see it go, I honestly liked the game... and put some money down for some gear and guns. Oh well.... maybe Black Light will fill that hole in my life.

Hey Sony, give everyone who invested x amount in the money shop a free Planetside 2 in-game purchase voucher. It'd generate good press (unless you're already doing it and no-ones talking about it), help grow company loyalty and help make sure all these people looking for their next F2P shooter play yours next.

...just saying. You know, in case Sony execs trawl these comment sections =D

The Gentleman:

seems like they ran out of bullets.

I didn't.


you just shot bullet run.


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