Disabled Goldfish Shows Off Her Aquatic Wheelchair

Disabled Goldfish Shows Off Her Aquatic Wheelchair


Prepare to meet the world's greatest pet owner.

For many fish owners, finding a goldfish laying at the bottom of the tank usually means it's time to go shopping for a new aquatic buddy. But when one ambitious pet lover found that their female goldfish had apparently lost the use of her tail fin, a little bit of creativity managed to get the tiny fish swimming once more.

As you can see from the video, the fish appears to get along just fine with its buoyant harness in place. But because she isn't quite as speedy as the rest of her fellow tank dwellers, the disabled goldfish gets fed by hand, rather than at the top of the tank.

"My disabled goldfish scooting around in her newly redesigned sling," the owner explains in a comment on the video. "She has trouble maintaining buoyancy on her own. She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!"

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a dedicated pet owner. Bravo.

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Thats beautiful... and kind of goofy.

That is incredibly adorable and heart warming.

This is awesome. Best pet owner ever. Heartwarming, charming and... just damn cool.

For some reason I have the line, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." stuck in my head now after watching the video.

That's pretty awesome though.

Swim fish, SWIM! :D

We all live in a yellow submarine,
yellow submarine,
yellow submarine.

Wow get that pet owner a medal!

That's some hardcore pet ownership. Most people would have just tossed the little critter in the toilet by now and moved on with their lives. I always enjoy seeing things like this make news, it's a nice change from all of the other depressing stuff that's happening these days.

You know, this story reminds me of when I was a kid and our hamster had babies. One of the babies had a deformed mouth and as such couldn't chew on things keep its teeth worn down, so my mom would trim them by hand with fingernail trimmers. It was just as weird as it sounds, although it was still less weird than a fish in a "wheelchair," I'll admit.

Someone has made a fish adorable. I didn't even think that was possible.

I like how one of the related videos you can choose after the adorable one of the fish in a harness is of a praying mantis eating another, less fortunate goldfish for our entertainment.

I'm pretty sure that the fail simply atrophied because the ENORMOUS FRIGGING EYES required too much blood flow to sustain the tail.

Wow, that's really adorable and creative on the owner's part. I wonder how he managed to get the thing on the fish in the first place. Even if the fish was easily caught, I'm sure trying to tie the contraption around it must've been difficult.

I almost shed a tear reading this article. This is heart warming!

Good boost to the "faith in humanity" meter.

Is it just me or did those other goldfish kind of bullying her (bumping into the top part of the sling thing)? Granted it's nowhere near aggressive to real fish fight in a tank (my bro friend had to put one of his fishes into a smaller tank cos it was being agressive to others).

It make me wonder how the heck the owner was able to put that sling on her in the first place as I highly doubt the fish kept still long enough to fit it into place.

This happened two years ago...you're just now reporting it? Must be a slow day.

So is that Pimp my fish? but in all seriousness yeah that is really cool!
well done whom ever you are.

Daw, that's so cute! And that might be the first time I've ever applied that adjective to a fish.

I like how one of the related videos you can choose after the adorable one of the fish in a harness is of a praying mantis eating another, less fortunate goldfish for our entertainment.

Set to an uppity beat no less.

OT- Pretty sweet! Had a school buddy do something similar to a Koi (about 30 year old Koi) who got in a brawl with a raccoon.

You know, I was reading this, and I thought the fish must be in agony all the time, but watching the video it really looks like she is just enjoying floating around. It's totally awesome.



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