SuperBot Still Working on PS All-Stars, At Least For Now

SuperBot Still Working on PS All-Stars, At Least For Now


More brawlers are still on the way.

When Sony and the studio responsible for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Superbot Entertainment, announced earlier this month that they would be parting ways, the news was worded in a way that suggested the split had already taken place. It now appears as though SuperBot is still hard at work creating DLC for the PS3 brawler, and is going so far as to tease the reveal of all-new characters on its Facebook page.

"Our development and support on All-Stars is nearly wrapped, but due to lag time for localization and testing, etc., the last of our work won't see its release for several more weeks," the company explains after posting a photo of an employee playing what appears to be All-Stars. "From then on out, further support will be handled by Sony's Santa Monica Studio."

"We've got All-Stars you haven't seen yet," the company teases. "Further details coming in March."

There's no official word on what new characters are on the way, but I wouldn't mind throwing down some punches as Um Jammer Lammy. Perhaps that's just me...

Source: Facebook


I will buy this if you put Abe in the game. Until then I'll continue waiting.

Exploding farts. Think about it, SuperBot.

I hope if they're working on more characters, they have as much work put into them as Kat and Graves did. I've only tried them out briefly, but their moves and playstyles seem pretty unique. Plus they have all their own combo missions and everything. I like combo missions.

Not that I'm likely to use any future characters much.

Superbot! Aya Brea please'o'please! I really want to kick ass as my favorite Playstation character, and the roster needs more female fighters! C'MON PLEASE SUPERBOT!

This article reminded me to downloaded the newly released characters while they are still free. Thanks.


Dear Superbot, Please give us Gabe Logan! I want to use the taser on other dudes!


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