Sony Patents "EyePad" Controller

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Nomadic Fanatic:
This "prototype" looks exactly like the Wii U pad which, I personally think that it is the dumbest idea ever. Why would you even own a T.V. if you could do all of the game and stuff on this pad alone?

This just doesn't seem like a smart move on Sony's part to me. Not to mention the impending lawsuit from our sue-happy friends at Apple, the "Eye-Pad" seems like a cool idea until you play with it, then it seems like a massive paper-weight when you can't play with it effectively.

The screen on the controller is a good idea at first, and I liked it... AT FIRST. But think about it, there you are Need For Speed, any mistake and you lose the 1st place you've been struggling to keep, so you look at the map for a single moment, but WTF the map's not on the screen!!!!! It's there, the middle of your controller: you're HOLDING IT, neat huh? Only as soon as you look at it you lose control, because your attention was driven away from the main screen, and you fucking lose the race. Now, this problem will happen in every game with a similar feature... I love games on my iPad, I truly do, but hey, they're designed FOR the iPad and tablets alike, meaning the only screen is the iPad screen. Ah Sony, don't do that...

I like how it only has one analog stick...

Remember how well that worked for the PSP?

it's like Sony despises being taken seriously. Or they're just morons. Probably the latter case

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