Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Livestreams the Excitement

Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Livestreams the Excitement

The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 is a three-day, all-charity game jam featuring Minecraft studio Mojang and other indies crash-creating new games.

The second Mojang-Humble Bundle team-up is now underway, and this time they've brought some friends. For 78 hours, the folks at the Minecraft studio will split up into smaller teams and crank out games based on subjects chosen by fans, joined by fellow indie operators Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer and Wolfire Games.

The themes of the games under development are interesting, to say the least. Mojang teams are working on "French Nuclear Spaceship," "Endless Nuclear Kittens" and "Nuclear Pizza War" games, Wolfire is doing a "Nuclear Endless War" game, Vlambeer is handing "Wasteland Kings" and Ludosity is on the job with "Interplanetary Void."

"Wasteland Kings" sounds potentially groovy, but I have no idea what to make of the rest of them. Fortunately, it won't cost much to discover the dark secrets of "Endless Nuclear Kittens," as the Humble Bundle Mojam 2 is, as always, a pay-what-you-want deal. All money brought in during the jam goes to charity - the EFF and, for the first time, Block By Block, an urban planning collaboration between Mojang and U.N. Habitat - and in exchange, you'll get all eight game protoypes developed during the jam.

There's even a wee bit of voyeuristic fun to be had, as Mojang, Wolfire and Vlambeer are livestreaming their efforts. So if watching a bunch of guys suck back caffeine while they stare at screens crammed with tiny, cryptic lines of text sounds like fun to you, head over to and let the good times roll!


Im mostly interested in Wolfire, Mojang seems more like a one-trick poney then anything else, Wolfire on the other hand has done some cool stuff with Overgrowth, Receiver and Desperate Gods

I'm not a fan of "Mojam" bundles, I'll wait for a regular HIB.

Eh. It's worth at least $5 of my curiosity.

I'll be honest, the last one they did sucked. While I liked the idea and cartoony graphics of "Catacomb Snatch" (yes, that was its name), it ended up being a sort of duelling multiplayer game without any singleplayer use. As for the other developers, they didn't put out anything but half-finished projects or game engine-demos.

You know what, I guess I'll support this with five dollars considering it's for charity and whatnot. But I don't expect anything good to come out of this. I wish they'd just dedicate an actual project to HIB and do the charity drive "when it's done" or something. 78 hours just isn't enough to put anything proper out there...

EDIT: Also, why does their email-notification never fucking work? I keep hearing about new bundles way too late. What's the point of being on their email list if they don't send me an email?!


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