Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's PS4 Event?

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As far as I'm concerned the conference was a flop. The actual console wasn't shown and the show was actually pretty boring. The games all look like they could easily be put on the ps3 with even the graphics jump not being all that impressive. Couple that with the fact no real hardware was announced (apart from the 8gb ram I think).

Honestly though, the most impressive thing was how all these people could talk and talk for hours on end without saying anything. Honestly, you could take what everyone said (like the 20-30 minute section by the architect or engineer or whatever) and condense it into 5 minutes.

Smoke, mirrors, and a new controller. Colonial Marines has told me to not trust anything that is shown in preview.

It all sounds fine and dandy, but as of right now it doesn't have any must-buy games and system-sellers. Even the traditional Sony exclusives... like Uncharted are missing.

I don't care at all. I am curious about the new camera, for entirely not gaming related reasons.

I'm in between C and B.
I like some of the system level stuff like background downloads and sleep mode, playing something after a partial download is cool but i wonder what happens if the download finishes while you're playing it but it needs to patch.

The graphics shown weren't impressive but i was expecting that, the small improvements we make now arn't quite the jump we had going from last gen to this one, and my PC seems to be more powerful than the specs given.

Nothing in the Gaikai segment applies to me because my max download is 400kbps, not enough for HD streaming of anything, love the idea of trying demos without waiting though, maybe in 300 years time when i find somewhere in the UK with modern broadband.

I don't want to sound harsh but it didn't impress me at all hardware wise. The specs for it are quite common actually, but I expected higher specs than my 3-4yo PC after a 7y generation cycle.

Well, at least now I can finally hope that , perhaps, they will stop gimping the ports for PC. They don't have that excuse anymore. By they I'm reffering to the developers that start on the console and decide to port it later on the PC platform.

Every bit of news I read of the event and the console/Sony's plans for the future makes me sad. I won't be getting a PS4, or any other console this generation for many years if at all.

No backwards compatibility, PSN games not transferrable, doubling down on the Vita, not showing off the hardware you are holding an event for, the controller looks like it wouldn't be my thing size wise, and no games I care about anytime soon.

*hugs my 3DS XL* At least I have this thing. Its not perfect and there are barely any games I want for it yet, but its all I got now.

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