Batman Incorporated Reveal Promises Spoilerific Changes

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The best way to avoid this kind of continuity nonsense is to stick to creator-owned titles. You brought up manga, which is a great example as most manga is produced by one writer/artist team for the entirety of its run, and there's no conflict of creative vision.

In the West, most creator-owned titles are limited series that run anywhere from three to twelve to forty or so (at most) issues with a defined start and end point, unlike the DC titles which run indefinitely with the same character. The fact that the story has to end when the writer goes onto something different is the price you pay for having a continuity that makes sense and treats you like an adult. Warren Ellis does a lot of creator-owned stuff, which is great because he's a great author, but he's infamously incapable of finishing any of the dozen or so titles he has running at any one time. What he does put out, though, is some of the most original and interesting stuff in comics.

The best analogy for any non-comic fans here is that the major titles are like EA and Activision, pushing out homogenised Modern Warfare-style games in established IPs every year like clockwork with no real innovation, and the creator-owned titles are all the renegades like Valve and the indie gaming scene, which produce one-off creative masterpieces on a regular basis but rarely do sequels.

Yeah your right, It's just to bad that others such as batman can't pick it up as they would benefit greatly from it but they make to much money for the company and would never become creator owned titles with a definite end.
I mean it not like just because your creator owned and plan to have an ending doesn't mean you can't be long running just look at one piece it's 700 chapter in and is just half way finished!

This is annoying. I had become a fan of Damian since Morrison's run on Batman and Robin in 2009, it has been very interesting seeing his growth from a spoilt brat who had no problem with killing to what he is now and I was looking forward to seeing where he would go from here.

The spoiler was in the cover art. A big RIP at the bottom really isnt trying to be subtle. lol

I never really ACTUALLY followed the comics, but I do like to stay informed about events at a very surface level and so I am very confused. How does Batman Incorporated even exist in the New 52? It seemed like a very new direction they were taking Batman in, as far as the goal he was working towards, and very much something he would do later in his career, so how does that mesh with the whole "reboot" thing the New 52 was going for?

New 52 isn't a textbook universe-wide reboot, but more of an excuse to rework continuity as DC sees fit. Superman and Wonder Woman, for example, had the slate wiped clean so DC could rebuild their backstories from the ground up. Batman and Green Lantern, on the other hand, had versions of events from the past 3-5 years worked into New 52's status quo. For example, Batman kept the stuff with Damian and Batman Incorporated, but dropped Bruce Wayne's "death" and Final Crisis. (Once New 52 began, that period is referred to as the time Bruce "disappeared"). Green Lantern got the same thing: Blackest Night still happened, but earlier storylines (GL: Rebirth) got axed.

It's not a horrible approach. New readers get a jumping on point (with the option of easily finding recent trades of referenced material), while current readers can continue stories without being cut short. Still, I have to admit there would be an appeal in seeing New 52 emerge from the beginning instead of 5 years in. On the bright side, DC is kinda doing that with their Earth One books, so I guess it balances out.

They're still marketing comics based on killing off characters? I thought people got wise to that years ago?

So Damian will never become the angry (well, angrier) trenchcoat wearing Batman with a cat called Alfred?
I kinda liked that potential timeline, I thought Morrison had a good call with that.

I always liked Damian when Morrison wrote him so I suppose it's better to kill him off if Morrison is leaving Bats as other writers just make Damian into an obnoxious little snot (Daniels I'm looking at you) with no grasp of the character development that has been progressing very skillfully since Batman & Son and Morrison's B&R run in particular.

I blame the New 52 for all of this, stupid thing polluted the entire continuity so much I pray to god it's actually a crisis event in disguise and in 2 years it'll all go back to pre-flashpoint


A death so big and important, it's not even happening in the main Batman book.

Edit: Sorry, but isn't the point of Batman, Inc. suppose to be about different Batmen from around the world? I haven't been reading it, nor have I heard anything about any form of an international Batman, aside from Bat-Cow.

Batman Inc is also the vehicle Grant Morrison is using to continue his Batman storyline, while the other titles he kicked Damian's story off with are being left to other writers. It's actually the second volume so it'll have been running for over 20 issues once it's finished (got reset back to #1 during New 52).

I've read the first two Batman, Inc. issues from before the relaunch, and while entertaining, I just assumed it would have been about Batman globetrotting and recruiting Batmen. I stopped trading it, because Morrison required that I learn Spanish to read issue #3. (Mainly, the inner-monologue for whatshisname; I didn't bother to remember his name.)

But, if this means one less Batman title, I can't complain too much.

People hate Damian?

I mean hes a little shit but hes the most likable little shit I've seen in awhile.

Case and point: After deciding he needs to defeat each Robin to prove his superiority he breaks into Jason Todd's safe house and leaves a crowbar on his bed.


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