Xbox 360 Elite Details Revealed

Xbox 360 Elite Details Revealed

Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox 360 Elite, which will include an 120 GB hard drive, an HDMI port, a high-definition cable and a sexy black paint job.

The 120 GB hard drive will also be sold separately to allow current 360 owners more space for their media and downloaded content. Additional accessories will also be made available - black wireless 360 controllers, Play and Charge kits, and rechargeable batteries will hit store shelves at the same time so you needn't suffer the embarrassment of not matching.

The Xbox 360 Elite and its accessories are expected to arrive in U.S. stores on April 29. The estimated retail price is $479.99; here's what you get for your hard-earned dollars:

The console has a shiny black finish and is capable of producing up to 1080p content, boasts a 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, full surround sound, HDMI output and upscaling for DVD playback. The hard drive is 120 GB and detachable for sharing purposes; separately, it will cost $179.99. You get a black wireless controller, black headset, HDMI cable, an XBOX Live Silver Membership, and one month subscription of XBOX Live Gold.

The black Play and Charge kit will run you $20, and the black rechargable battery will cost $11.99.


I was considering getting a 360 when more games are out that I want to play (Mass Effect being one of them), but I think I remember reading about a possible new 360 with different components... like quieter fans and drives, cooler CPUs, a disc drive that typically doesn't wreck discs, etc. Is this something that has already happened or is this a future thing beyond the new Elite edition? ...or am I getting senile and making up my own reality again?

Those types of improvements will most likely come naturally as Microsoft and its manufacturers perfect the art of building a fast, quieter system. By the end of the system cycle, the individual units will be much more reliable.

$200 for a 120 gig hd, that is utterly asinine! $500 for a machine with out next gen hd-dvd playback painted black on behalf of the Grim Reaper! Leave it to microsoft to raise the price when everyone wants a price drop and a machine that lasts longer then a year and what they give us a paint job.

Sony really don't need friends when they have enemies like microsoft who are trying to give the market away.

Seriously how the hell can they justify these prices? What the black plastic cost more? One only need scour a few forums to know there obviously not spending the money on building components that last.

My friends 360 drive just quit tonight, 3-5% my ass.

I too have been struck by the ring of death. And I too feel that the prices charged by both Microsoft and Sony for these hard drives are exorbitant. But, they are businesses and I don't expect anything less from them. What I am particularly surprised about is the odd price point. Why not just make it easy on the consumer and harder for comparisons with the PS3 by making it $450?

I am saddened that the once homogenous state of game consoles is looking more and more like the PC market. It used to be you could get 5 somewhat solid years out of one machine. Now they come out with two at launch and produce more during the cycle. I won't buy a 360 if its going to be outdated before the cycle is over. If I want to be in a constantly changing market I'll get a $3000 PC every year...

Microsoft is bending to the clearly unsuccessful boast that the PS3 is more than just a gaming console. Gamers want games. Gamers buy game consoles. I won't believe that the average idiot will pick up a 360 as a device for upscaling his DVD playback. This is a product for the foolish fanatic that can't see a marketing ploy when it slaps them clear across the face. I hope the thing fairs as well as "Snakes on a Plane" did at the box office.

Allow for some freakin plug and play USB HDD support and I'll buy the core system and get my own harddrive for a fraction of the cost. I won't believe that Microsoft is incapable of doing that.

Snakes on a plane...wooooooo thats harsh! (but funny, you know the idea for that movie was just stupid and I thought it was an all time low for sam jackson when I seen him on Mtv wearing snakes on a plane shoes.)

It may well be a business but I think using that as an excuse to screw the consumer is hardly justifiable. I am a consumer and though I understand its a business, its not my business and I frankly could care less about Microsofts bottom line. I am more concerned about my bottom line, I want to play games and I want to be able to do it affordably, at the very least any money I do spend be well spent on a High Quality product which Microsoft seems to be incapable of offering.

$400 is a lot of money, and I think its wrong of Microsoft to expect me to go out and buy another $400 gaming machine every 1.5 years because thats about as long as they last. I never liked the multiple sku strategy, I felt it fractured the user base and the low end specs crippled game development, too much focus is then spent on making a game run on multiple hardware skus which defeats the purpose of even making consoles.

At this point, I have no confidence in Microsoft's ability to deliver a fair product with there hardware or software. I really find it hard to believe they could piss away a years head start and still not have a machine that just works.

I am still on the fence, I want to buy but the price just keeps going up. 20 gigs isn't enough for me, I wouldn't even buy an mp3 player with only 20 gigs. Even with a core system I am looking at $479 (before the 3 year extended warranty) for a machine that still has quality issues.

Maybe instead of banging "its a business" over the consumers head someone one should call up Microsoft and inform them of the matter, your nearly 2 years in your console is still too expensive, quality control is still atrocious and your customer service tanked awhile ago. While on the phone someone should tell Microsoft the hidden cost with game software sucks too.

You know Blaxton, the only bad Idea about buying a $3k pc is that we would still have run windows in some form or another to play games, and your power bill. I know I could build a machine that would last more then 1.5 years thats for sure.


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