Relive Journey's Soundtrack with Official Commentary

Relive Journey's Soundtrack with Official Commentary

Composer Austin Wintory provides detailed insight into his hour-long soundtrack, free of charge.

Journey's haunting soundtrack has received plenty of attention, even earning itself a Grammy nomination: the first full videogame soundtrack to do so. Composer Austin Wintory wants to share the love by publishing the album in full on YouTube, complete with additional game artwork and a text commentary overlay.

The one-hour video uses images sourced from fan art, produced by Deviantart users, to complement the music. The remaining visuals were provided by Journey's art director Matt Neva, who also wrote and compiled the game's art book, The Art of Journey.

The text commentary provides detailed insight into Wintory's experiences producing music for the game, as well as discussing his inspiration for composing the tracks for each stage and the challenges he faced in making the score.

Wintory earned a Grammy nomination for his work, but the award went to Trent Reznor's soundtrack for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. His next project is for Replay Games's Leisure Suit Larry, where he'll demonstrate his true range by composing "sexy music".

If you'd like a copy of the Journey OST for yourself, it's available from thatgamecompany's official store and iTunes.


I "hate" you for putting this up, I came to see news and then "lost" an hour on this video...

I liked the OST when I first heard it, but it's really interesting to see some things behind the scenes information.

OT: It's a fantastic soundtrack and I'm glad I bought it.

I love this game, and I love this soundtrack, and I'm about to lose an hour to this commentary

I like this soundtrack more and more every time I hear it. And I loved it the first time.

I feel stupid for not noticing all the cool stuff in the music, like how every character is represented by an instrument and there are fewer instruments if you're playing solo.


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