Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Focuses On Survival Not Headshots

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The entire game is an escort mission? Escort missions are NEVER good or fun, so designing an entire game around the concept is a recipe for disaster. Then again, Terminal Reality's been around for quite a while and has a pretty good track record, so they really should know better. Maybe they're just being extremely cocky. If they do manage to make a good game here, it'll look VERY good for them.

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Nah, from what gameplay I've seen you hardly see the other survivors with you. What happens is: you get to an area and park outside with what survivors that came with you and gather around the car, you send survivors to different parts of the town to collect different items, some survivors have stats that make them better than others, you can distribute the gear you have across your fellow survivors if you want (as you can only hold what one man could possibly hold, excess you store in your car), and when you are done with the area the survivors that made it back will give you what they found.

All in all the game doesn't look bad, I may wait for the price to drop but I could see myself having a fun weekend with it.

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