EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns - UPDATED

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I guess it's never too late.

Edit: Sorry, double post D:

It's so odd seeing that picture of him without the edited awful smile that Jim Sterling uses in his videos haha.

I hope this leads to a more consumer-friendly EA. Under this guy's leadership, Electronic Arts had made some very poor decisions and to be honest, I really wish he stuck to his original plan: he was greenlighting new IPs left and right, and EA even worked with motherfucking Valve for a short period of time. Don't believe me? Look at this box:

More specifically, the lower right-hand corner. Those logos were together on every PS3 case of The Orange Box, including mine. Something happened after 2008. Something bad. I hope now that they try and fix it.

Well that came out of nowhere. Is EA really doing that badly right now? I know Dead Space 3 has sold a bit below expectations but... I wonder if he was pressured into resigning.

Dear zombie jesus he looks hideous without dear old Jim's editing work.

I tentatively hope that this will mean EA will go back to being less wank than it has become under his iron fist and they replace him with someone who doesn't see the consumer as the enemy.

So they're going for mass appeal with a new CEO - shocker

1 down, an entire corporation to go. Grats to the 1.1 million sheep subsidizing EA's destruction of Maxis btw.

So they're going for mass appeal with a new CEO - shocker

Meanwhile, we all know that the new "CEO" is just a figurehead. Really, in the deep, dark, abandoned offices of EA's black soul (HQ), John Riccitiello still pulls the strings. Making the new figurehead continue on with his plans of no Single-player, and microtransactions. Slowly conforming the rest of the gamers...slowly....slowly. I mean, cause when the person that the people love agree, it's right....right?

Ah, just kidding...or am I? DUN! DUN! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

an annoyed writer:
EA even worked with motherfucking Valve for a short period of time. Don't believe me? Look at this box
More specifically, the lower right-hand corner. Those logos were together on every PS3 case of The Orange Box, including mine. Something happened after 2008. Something bad. I hope now that they try and fix it.

Weren't they just the distributors for console versions of Valve games? I'm not so sure they really 'worked' together.

People are celebrating a lot but I'd be surprised if EA will change at all. He'll just be replaced by someone who is much the same. Or maybe I'm just pessimistic, who knows.

I'm getting the feeling he did this because he had had enough of hearing people bitch 24-7 (even if the SimCity launch sucked)

I feel like quoting a pornographic line from Winston Wolf... you all know the one I'm talking about. That's how I feel about this.

It's nice... probably doesn't fix the problem though. The only good part about this is that the Board of Directors should only be concerned about making money. If they're smart, they'll realize that what they've been doing in the last 3 or 4 years does NOT make money long term. Find someone who knows how to make money long term, and they'll be fine. But like someone else said... if they have a Board full of idiots, I won't particularly miss this giant pimple on the buttocks of game publishing if it pops.

that was unexpected and good news, his policies have basically alienated gamers and come close to destroying EA

The hyperbole is strong with this one...

Seriously, policies probably won't change and EA will continue to be on the bring of destruction for as long as gamers continue to wax a grudge. They will still keep moving on, though.

Brilliant. I can't wait till they re-hire him in 2016, considering they fired him in 2004 and re-hired him in 2007.
Yes, I can haz wikipedia.

I'm a pretty laid back person here on the forums, but believe me when I say not to let the door hit your ass on the way out.

EA's new CEO will be determined by where they preordered from.

A completely unimportant suit is removed, leaving a company that will be as shitty as ever and people think it'll change anything!
Sorry, I'll be in the Bitterness Corner. EA won't change to something "good" because I seriously doubt they ever were "good".

Could it have something to do with the SimCity mess? Not that it affected EA's share price much.

Oh well, new CEO probably won't mean new company vision

I doubt SimCity had anything to do with this, it looks like that is going to turn a profit. Convenient(?) timing I guess.

This has been coming ever since SWTOR flopped. That was his big project, which a significant percentage of EA's resources was dedicated to. When it didn't earn the astronomical amount of money it needed to, he was done. It's just taken this long to get the transition worked out.

...It's much easier to blame an individual for a companies failures rather than admit the core policies are wrong.

Well said, Legion. Well said.

That statement applies to most companies I think, big or small.

Shortcomings in finances?
So basically, "I didn't piss enough people off?"

John Riccitiello: The man who turned trading EA stock into micro-transactions!

its really strange, I thought EA was all about cheap shit for your games, essentially bleeding you dry.

I mean, how much more into microtransactions can you get with your stocks closing in at 18.71 on the NASDAQ, that's just $2 more than a CoD map-pack, good on you EA, making the stock market more accessible to gamers for long term sustainability.

Ave! Duci novo, similis duci seneci

I am rather curious to know exactly how much influence John Riccitiello has had over EA's craptacular decisions.

somethings doesnt feel right here....

anyways, he surely will leave the company with a big "indemnity"/"bonus" for all those years he did "good" on EA.
and then you thought the captain would sink with its ship...

btw i sometimes have the suspicion that riccitiello is a trojan horse.

Ave! Duci novo, similis duci seneci

nah, there wont be any kingdom left.. especially not with dogs(latin)!

On a side note, can someone please explain to me what everyone's objection to Project Ten Dollar is

Because it's the same as online pass?

Whilst I know that if you get into the nitty gritty, online pass covers multi player, P$10 usually covered 'extra' content like on disc dlc and ancillary guff, but they covered the same principle. More specifically the principle Riccitiello outlined in his 'the game you bought was the game you got' speech. It was/is just another arbitrary paywall they put in to hold people who buy second hand to ransom, another expression of EA's nickle and dime for everything it can approach.

Cpatcha:poetic justice, not sure if serious Mr Captcha.

I really doubt a change in CEOs is going to matter.

Oh, did he also do it so that he can spend more time with his family and maybe pursue other interests?

I'd celebrate, but then I realized that when a demon is killed another takes his place. Only time will tell...

I'm so used to seeing Jim's version of this picture that this was a complete shock.

Praise the Sun!

Meet the new boss; hopefully slightly less worse than the old boss.

It's like killing Caesar in Fallout New Vegas. It doesn't change alter the storyline one bit, as he's just replaced by some other faceless ruler. I doubt anything major change is going to happen even with Riccitiello gone, but I won't ignore the possibility of it.

Ah well, I guess it's time to change my avatar again.


Can't say anything nice, because whoever they get to replace him will likely be just as bad, if not worse. The problem is the company itself, not who runs it.


Good fucking riddance. Absolutely nothing of value was lost.

But who will tell me what games my mom hates, now that he is gone? :(

Hardly recognized him without the Jim Sterling photoshopping.

Andy Shandy:
You know, that picture is actually more horrifying than Jim's version (below)


There's just a subtle hint of "I'm going to kill you and no one will ever know" about that face.

Yea, that's the one.

Hopefully their next guy wont sign off on every stupid idea to bleed the consumer dry.

While i can't deny this put a smile on my face, I will wait with celebrating until they go bankrupt or learn of their mistakes.

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