Win Arma III Alpha Lite During Today's Escapist Livestream!

Win Arma III Alpha Lite During Today's Escapist Livestream!


Stream starts at 3pm EST (8pm GMT), and we have a whopping 33 copies of Arma III Alpha Lite to give away.

It's been a couple of weeks since Arma III debuted in its alpha state, and we're going to be bringing you three delicious hours of live gameplay starting at 3pm EST (8pm GMT) today. We'll be playing both the single player content as well as online multiplayer, and we'll have giveaways at the end of each hour.

In total, we're giving away 33 copies of Arma III Alpha Lite, which is the campaign-only version of the alpha. The game will be given out via codes redeemable in Steam. In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you'll need to be present in the stream, have access to the stream chat, and be following The Escapist's Twitch.TV channel. That's it!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!


So I just have to log in on chat in the link? Sweet! That's one less copy for everyone else!

Here's hoping I will snag a copy

I'll give it a try, I've been winning stuff online a lot recently for some reason.

When you say alpha lite does this mean it'll become the full version of the game when it's released or is it like a free trial?

The alpha lite version is the trial version. Everyone who bought the alpha gets three copies of the lite. By the way, if anyone wants one and doesn't get one from the livestream - I have at least two to give away.


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