Dust: An Elysian Tail To Unleash the Furry On Steam

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I think you and every other like-minded furry are glossing over two problems that I already mentioned that I feel is a plague upon the fandom and the fandom's game development circle:

- A large chunk of developers within the fandom are either incompetent, complacent, undisciplined, gets into infighting even easier than Phil Fish when he's completely shitfaced drunk, prone to making bizarre or downright suicidally dumb decisions, or all of the above.

- The audience within the fandom don't care about quality, so long as they get to play as Zig-Zag or Raven Hunt or Mayhem the Shark or Tay the tiger supermodel or Krystal or Renamon or whoever else, thus further enabling the developers to crank out sub-par content or just grossly mismanage their resources, which I've seen them do all too many times, even outside the game development circle (FurAffinity, full stop).

The whole problem that stems from outsider treatment of furries on the internet and/or in society is already a much-repeated topic, and it's not a bad thing to talk about, but I believe in getting one's shit together first before taking any action. You can't survive a gunfight if you bring only the damn gun.

Buy the game, its fucking awesome.

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