Win A Gaming Motherboard At The New WarCry

Win A Gaming Motherboard At The New WarCry


The rebuilt is offering some great giveaways this week, like a motherboard to supercharge your gaming rig.

WarCry is hosting slew of fantastic giveaways this week, and if your gaming rig is starting to slow down entering to win an MSI Z77 Gaming Motherboard might just be the solution. Or maybe you're looking to get started on a new computer, and you need the perfect core to build out from. Either way, it's a fantastic piece of hardware, boasting best-in-class features optimized to make your gaming computer sing:


  • The highest frag and the lowest lag with Killer™ E2200
  • Game networking
  • Military Class III components
  • Gaming device port
  • Optimized for multiple graphics cards
  • Boosting performance thanks to OC Genie II
  • Top quality audio solution with Sound Blaster Cinema
  • Supports DDR3 3000 memory for super fast loading

Head on over to to get signed up for the giveaway. While you're there, take a look around the extensive list of other free stuff that you might like to sign up to win. The new WarCry has been redesigned to help gamers find the right MMO for them, no matter the genre, no matter the play style, no matter if it's free or subscription. WarCry's codex has more than 300 MMOs listed and categorized, and WarCry will help you keep your eye on upcoming MMOs with news and previews. WarCry is going to be running promotions for hardware, beta keys, and free in-game currency all the time - so it's a great place to get started on a new game, or get a leg up in one you already play.

We'll keep you updated all week on the best contests coming out of WarCry. For now, sign up to win the motherboard here.


Interesting... I didn't realise WarCry was still a thing. I remember when WarCry and Escapist accounts were merged, we all went over for a look and the regulars threw a fit and accused us of badge hunting.

Dammit, I don't know enough about contemporary MMOs to know if there's an April Fool's joke around here or not. Damn internet, making me paranoid.

I just signed up for all of the hardware giveaways! I never win these things though >.>

Just a motherboard? How about a whole gaming rig instead


The highest frag and the lowest lag

Sheesh what a marketing slogan.

It reminds me of those advertisements I used to see on Stanford's campus: YO GRAD, WANNA BRO OUT SOME CODE?!

No, sir, thank you kindly though, I am not keen on Broing out anything.

Dammit, I don't know enough about contemporary MMOs to know if there's an April Fool's joke around here or not. Damn internet, making me paranoid.

I can honestly swear that this isn't an attempt to make an April Fool of you.


Oh boy. Let the tech speak commence!
I use an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4. No complaints so far! As long as you don't want to slave multiple graphics cards. I think I might get something bigger next rig though.

I don't hold much stock in MSI mobos, while I do praise their well designed if not expensive GPUs. But maybe they've gotten better in recent years, I'll have to read some reviews.

Only those residing in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia...



Ooh, free Firefall keys. Don't mind if I do.

i wanted an MSI board for my new rig but the only store in my city for parts (that sells to me for just over cost) refuses to stock them i think they just had too many bad boards come back anyway its an intel board which would make it useless for my rig but i like that it can take multiple cards with plenty of space most boards i have seen just jam the PCIEx16 slots right up together which can make it hard to crossfire your graphics cards especially if you get big thick cards
also like that the giveaway is open for people in my neck of the woods unlike usual


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