Killer is Dead Trailer, Now With Added Valkyries

Killer is Dead Trailer, Now With Added Valkyries

The second trailer for Suda 51's upcoming Killer is Dead is no more intelligible than the first.

Following the precedent set by its predecessor, the second trailer for Suda 51's upcoming action game, Killer is Dead, is all about the flashing lights, random snippets of dialogue and classical music. This time around, it's Wagner's infamous Flight of the Valkyries (also known as "That Helicopter music from Apocalypse Now") serving as the soundtrack to various explosions, beheadings and ... wait. How many arms does that woman have? Is that a new action game staple?

Standout moments in this trailer; hero, Mondo Zappa, fighting a giant in a diving suit, a brief glance at Zappa's side step ability (which seems like it was yanked straight from No More Heroes) and the most enthusiastic performance of CPR you're ever likely to see at around the 0:56 mark.

The end of trailer, which mimics the post-credits "next episode" previews usually found in anime shows, hints at the game's "TV episode" level structure (a la Asura's Wrath and Alan Wake) and the odd-sounding "gigolo mode," in which Zappa can seduce female NPCs for unlockable outfits, materials and money.

Killer is Dead is set to arrive on 360 and PS3 this summer. The western releases will apparently include both the Japanese and English voice tracks.

Source: Famitsu


First Dvorak, now Wagner. Beethoven next please?

Great trailer, looking forward to the next one.

-Double Post-

I have no clue what the hell is going on but it looks very interesting.

I have no clue what the hell is going on but it looks interesting.

That's pretty much Suda51's trademark.

The music to this trailer could not be more perfect!

This game is looking better and better, I always loved Suda51 games! The art style is just so awesome!

So... it's basically Gantz now?



That.. Is certainly..

A thing.

Geez Suda..

WOOP+ I loved killer 7 and im really looking forward to this, nothing really to add to the conversation simply wanted to gush on the forums like the suda51 fanboy I know I am :)

So... it's basically Gantz now?

Holly Heck, why did you need to bring that up. I want a Gantz game now and I know I will never get one :(

Except maybe a random Japanese game that is never translated or released outside of the land of the rising sun (just like berserk).

Ah, Suda you magnificently crazy bastard.

Can't wait for this to come out, should be interesting anyway.

Can't wait, massive fan of Killer7.

Suda 51, refusing to NOT be crazy.


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