Capcom Loses Interest In Reviving Classic Fighters

Capcom Loses Interest In Reviving Classic Fighters


Enhancing classic fighting games just isn't as lucrative as it used to be, so Capcom is stepping away from that part of its business model.

If you read my recent review of Darkstalkers Resurrection, you're well aware of how much I love Capcom's efforts to revive its 90s-era fighting games for modern technology. The publisher's efforts only get better with time, and when penning that review I was instilled with a sense of giddy anticipation for the the seemingly inevitable redux of the Street Fighter Alpha series. After all, that's the only major fighting franchise Capcom has yet to re-release, and the company has never been shy about rehashing Street Fighter titles.

Unfortunately, it looks like we may never see Street Fighter Alpha on the Xbox Live Arcade. According to new comments from Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson, the company is quickly losing interest in the idea of resurrecting its older fighters, primarily because they just don't bring in as much cash as they used to.

"Sadly, I think we've probably run the course of feasible [classic fighting games] here given the droppoff [sic] we've seen in sales with each new introduction. It seems the novelty of such projects is wearing off even within just the fighting game community based upon the sales data of our last two launches," Svensson writes on the Capcom Unity forums.

"That said, we have been quite prolific in these areas ... and it's probably time for us to slow down anyway."

No! It's not at all time to slow down! You still have to re-release Street Fighter Alpha, then maybe Warzard/Red Earth, Cyberbots and ... Street Fighter EX? Okay, maybe Mr. Svensson has a point with his statement about how prolific Capcom has been in this vein. We've got awesome updates of Street Fighter III, Darkstalkers and the first two Marvel Vs Capcom games, so we should be happy with that.

Still, it's sad to learn that profits have been falling off for these sorts of titles, even as they've been improving in quality with each subsequent release. Listen, if any of you decided to skip Darkstalkers Resurrection, despite being a fan of fighting games, I want you to re-read my review of the title, then fire up your console of choice and buy the game. It's absolutely worth the price of admission, and Capcom should be rewarded for its meticulous attention to detail and genuine efforts to appeal to all Darkstalkers fans. Plus, I really want that HD remake of the Street Fighter Alpha games. My current-gen fighting game collection just doesn't feel complete without Ryu and Ken teaming up to fight M. Bison as the unfair, cheating jerks they truly are.

Source: Capcom Unity


Now if only we could stop getting them to make RE games...>.>
In all seriousness maybe now Capcom can finally start making some new IPs which could be a good thing, and while they are at it they can finish Megaman Legends 3!
...a person can dream can't they?

Great, now I'm never going to see X-Men VS Street Fighter. Thanks for nothing Crapcom

Capcom has started this really nasty business practice of doing very little else besides remakes. It's actually quite annoying. Both them and Squenix have seen pretty big declines and and I can only think that it's because they invest time, effort, and money into remaking games people already own or sequels that are exactly like their predecessor. Couple that with the fact that IF Capcom releases a new game, they will be releasing a whole new version of that game within the year (as we saw with MVC3 and UMVC3). Their business strategy hurts the positive aspects of their development. Also, would you please fuckin' release Dragons Dogma on the PC. One of the few good new titles from them and the games run like complete trash on the consoles with terrible frame rates and ugly ass graphics.

*Does the finger pyramid of evil*

Good, now stop making fighters all together for a while and do something that people actually want, like AAI2, MML3 or a new MMX or BoF.

CAPCOM, you'd better make a new, new Darkstalkers game in the vein of SSFIV.

Or with Morrigan as my witness, I will write you the angriest letter I have ever written anyone, ever.

I may even use triple "!" to end my sentences.

It seems that the gaming industry will never tire of finding ways to avoid making money.

Paragon Fury:
CAPCOM, you'd better make a new, new Darkstalkers game in the vein of SSFIV.

Or with Morrigan as my witness, I will write you the angriest letter I have ever written anyone, ever.

I may even use triple "!" to end my sentences.

Here, take my pink fuzzy troll pen!

Great, now I'm never going to see X-Men VS Street Fighter. Thanks for nothing Crapcom

Don't remind me, the lack of Cyclops and Rogue in the recent MvC was well noticed...

Capcom loses interest?
NO!, the consumer is losing interest in Crapcom, with their constant BS.

Honestly, I would prefer we get a NEW Darkstalkers...
Or Rival Schools...
Or Power Stone...
Or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom...
Or Capcom vs. SNK...
Or how about Mortal Kombat versus Street Fighter....

"Sadly, I think we've probably run the course of feasible [classic fighting games] here given the droppoff [sic] we've seen in sales with each new introduction."

Actually, and this is just the way I read it, it sounds like they are blaming a lack of sales as they reiterate fighting games. At least, that is what I'm hoping is what they are saying, because I know I certainly stopped buying Capcom related fighting games (new releases at least) for the simple fact that I know a $50 "EX" version will be out in a few months, then a $30 "Arcade Turbo" edition DLC "patch" a few months after that.

And if those are losing them sales, then maybe they'll wise up and just start releasing the full game right off the bat, and stop charging us for free content they previously promised us as patches.

But hell this is Capcom. This just means they'll stick only to "Street Fighter X Street Fighter: Turbo Elite HD Edition XL: Hardcore Tournament EX"

Hmmm, well it doesn't surprise me honestly. It seems the core of fighting games now is the competitive circuit and that tends to put interest solidly on whatever the newest games being used for competition are. Not to mention that a lot of these early fighting games were pretty bare bones packages that did well because the idea was still fairly new and just the idea of two warriors with differant abillities smacking it out was pretty appealing. Nowadays, especially on a single player level, that might be the core of the experience but people tend to want a little more to do with it. Mostly these games have a nostolgia appeal it seems, they don't even seem to be equipped with the online capability to even attempt a revival.

I can see how Capcom might want to continue looking towards new developments rather than trying to cash in on re-releasing old games.

That, and Capcom has gotten increasingly greedy, there is limited potential to gouge people with microtransactions with the older games, you can't for example lock a few characters out on the disc and hold them for ransom/unlock fees and get the same kind of begrudging response you see with a newer titles.

At any rate, I am largely staying away from Capcom after the last few stunts they pulled with releasing "updated" versions of games they just released like UMVC3, etc... Along with the rest of their money gouging. I like fighting games just fine, but I admit part of it is also that they don't seem to be interested in releasing their crossover RPGs in the US either, and I kind of got tired of supporting them hoping they would eventually throw RPG gamers a bone.

Am I the only one still holding out for the Tekken styled version of Tekken X SF.
I didn't buy the Capcom version. But I am very interested in using a Xiaoyu and Chun Li team on a 3D plane.

But I guess that's more on Namco Bandai than Capcom at this time.

Beyond that, when I bought SF4, I did muse that I would not put up with the same bull shit that Capcom pulled with SF2 (IE - endless itirations). Looks like we are getting endless itirations - which is what killed most people's interest in SF2 as Capcom had a hard time counting to 3. By the time Third Strike came out, only the most hardcore fighting fans cared.

Looks like history may be doomed to repeat.

Capcom takes a step forward with the Ducktales reboot but then two steps back when all they have is money on the mind rather than "what would the fans really enjoy and also gain me some extra money on the side, I know I'll cancel the revival of classic fighters!".

Then again I disliked how they handed DMC over to Ninja but the Ducktales will keep me satisfied for the time being until DMC gets back on course.

How about continuing Breath of Fire Capcom? Megaman Legends? A Megaman game at all? No, Resident Evil and Street Fighter are where it's at eh? More and more publishers/developers are loosing my interest.

Edit: I'd also like to know Capcom had already pissed me off with the Dark Arisin. the continuation of Dragon's Dogma. Essentially it's DLC and it includes all the previous DLC from the original game... but you have to dish out 40 dollars for it, regardless if you've already collected DLC and own the original game. No Capcom, bad gaming company. Bad. No money for you.


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