Blood Dragon Reveal Trailer is a VHS Love Letter to 80's Cartoons

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My one regret is that having seen the leaked footage, they're apparently going for a "blasted wasteland" aesthetic that's very reminiscent of the first Terminator's Future War segments. While that's absolutely awesome, it means a lot of dark scenery. I'm not looking forward to squinting ahead to make sure I'm still on the barely-visible dirt road while driving; whereas the main game is thankfully bright.

it's the apocalypse apocalypse

of course it's gonna be super dark

all we really need now is a barkley gaiden crossover


Let's just hope there will be DLC for this making it a complete game.

That trailer! It is like the 80s threw up in my eyes!!!!

EA didn't listen to the lessons from Skyrim and Diablo III; what makes you think that they would change because of this game?

Of course they're not going to change! There isn't jack shit that could make EA and Blizzard unstick their heads from their assholes, but I would like for there to be a success story to quote in the future. Besides, there are other, more sensible companies out there.

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