Cliffy B 's Hairless Noggin Raises $15k For Cancer Charity

Cliffy B 's Hairless Noggin Raises $15k For Cancer Charity

The B now stands for "bald."

For better or worse, Cliff Bleszinski helped establish the space marine as the de-facto face of modern gaming. Now he's starting to look like one after honoring a promise to have his head shaved in exchange for at least ten grand in donations to childhood cancer charity, the Saint Baldrick's foundation.

Gamers keen on donating to a good cause, or perhaps just intent on seeing the shape of Cliffy's skull, helped him raise some $15,000, a large chunk of the $120,000 the charity's recent drive raised.

And that's really all there is to this story; A famous developer using his fame to do something nice. It's so nice in fact, that I may have to end this news piece without my traditional misanthropic cynicism. Goddamn it, Cliffy.


*enters thread totally expecting to be able to snark off about shameless self-promotion*

*reads article*


Huh. Well. That happened.

Slightly more seriously: It's good to see stuff like this. Always nice to see someone doing something good in the world, especially against cancer.

Saint Baldrick you say?


I still don't like Cliffy B, but at least he is bald now. Oh and the cancer thing. We'll always need money to fight that bugger.

pfff.. Head shaving is nothing. Come back and talk when you raise money for cancer by shaving your balls, Cliffy.

On a more serious note. Bald Cliffy is odd looking, not bad looking, but definitely odd.

I think what we all want to know about Cliffy B is if he's responded to Jim Sterling's excellent musical serenade from the end of last year yet or not?

TOTALY Should'a used a chainsawgun razor. Come on Cliffy! For charity!

Eh, not a big fan of Cliffy B, especially with some of his recent remarks, but still props for this. Good on you man.

Despite the name, the website shows no indication that all of its donors are bald, so just have to take their word for it.

Good on him. Yeah I might not agree with everything he says. But he's a good guy. And I enjoy the games he makes.

Good on him for doing this. Cancer needs to GTFO, already. That said, Cliffy's still a douchebag.

It's cool that people do this kind of thing. Cancer research is always a good charity, a lot better than many of the charities floating around out there.

All he needs to do now is rename himself to "Clifford Baldzinski".

Brain Games

Noggin related indeed.

Damnit! He did what I'm doing next month! Stealing my ideas *grumble*. Well I'm gonna have a better haircut! With Blackjack, and hookers! Also, I'm cutting off dreadlocks, so mines better anyway ^_^

Tbh tho, good on him. Who needs hair. And if people are willing to throw money at you for cutting it all off then you might as well give it to people that need it.

What a guy.

I like Cliffy B, although some of the things he says I may not agree with, he seems overall like a decent bloke and this definitely reinforces that perception.


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