The Championship Gaming Series Joins Game U College Tour

The Championship Gaming Series Joins Game U College Tour

Game U on XBOX 360 has added the Championship Gaming Series, or CGS, to the college tour which is presented by and American Suzuki Motor Corporation, and features the new Spring games from XBOX, EA, Sierra, Ubisoft, U.S. Army, Konami, and Eidos.

The CGS is one of the first international professional gaming leagues and will give college students the chance to qualify for the upcoming CGS draft during the Game U Tour. Students will compete in Project Gotham Racing 3 and Dead or Alive 4 for the XBOX 360, and FIFA on the PC.

Video game enthusiasts who attend Game U will also get the opportunity to play brand new games like NBA Street: Homecourt, NCAA March Madness 07, and Def Jam: Icon from EA, America's Army: Special Forces, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 from UbiSoft, F.E.A.R. from Sierra, Dance Dance Revolution Universe from Konami, Battlestations: Midway from Eidos, and Crackdown, Fusion Frenzy, and Gears of War from XBOX. There will also be a Game Informer Halo 2 Challenge and PGR3 Race competetion at each stop on the tour.

Beyond the games, each stop will feature more than 30 Norcent HD LCD and Plasma televisions, a Best Buy Cyber Bar, and a Suzuki SX4 60: Second Time Attack competition.

The event is free for all college students. It started March 5 at Arizona State University and will end April 25 at the University of Tampa.



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