Thomas Was Alone Jumps to PS3 and Vita

Thomas Was Alone Jumps to PS3 and Vita


The indie platformer can now be purchased on the PlayStation Network and comes with cross play functionality.

Do you like jumping? Do you like rectangles? If you said yes, the PS3 and Vita may now be sporting a game in line with your hop happy, right-angle loving personality. Thomas Was Alone, originally made by game designer Mike Bithell, is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. The PS3 and Vita versions will be faithful to the original game that Bithell "made over a weekend because my girlfriend was away and I was a bit bored." That said, it will also include some nice extras that newcomers and existing fans should both be able to appreciate.

"This version will also give you first access to some new stuff," said Bithell. "There's a new DLC episode which tells the story of Benjamin, a new square with a jetpack and big ideas, and a commentary mode in the main game where you can listen to me going on and on about how clever I was putting the game together." Bithell expressed amazement over the progression of Thomas Was Alone, originally a Flash title, and gratitude to the parties that helped him bring it to the PlayStation Network. "I'd very much like to take this opportunity to thank Curve Studios, who made this version of the game. They did a great job, and it plays really nicely. They are better coders than I am."

He also thanked Sony which he praised for its efforts to bring more indie developers and games into the PlayStation fold. "Sony is a mega corporation; a big goliath of awesome tech and excellent button iconography. And for some reason, known best to themselves, they decided they wanted to let us indies play with their toys. Thomas is one of a massive wave of upcoming indie titles, which I hope will find whole new audiences." This forthcoming wave of indie titles includes games like Hotline Miami and Lone Survivor, both of which will be seeing ports to Sony hardware. Like Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami and Lone Survivor will boast cross buy functionality, allowing gamers to buy one version and enjoy it on both the PS3 and Vita.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Always happy to see a game of my namesake (Thomas) go on to great things, relatively speaking. The game itself is a precious little gem.

Am I blind and there is a commentary mode in the PC version? Or is this a PS exclusive?

Am I blind and there is a commentary mode in the PC version? Or is this a PS exclusive?

PS-exclusive for now, if I got that right...

I certainly liked Thomas Was Alone but I feel the critical praise it got was slightly overblown.

so any eu ps+ members here.


Finally the Vita has the killer app its always needed: Talking colored squares.

Crazy Zaul:
Finally the Vita has the killer app its always needed: Talking colored squares.

It's actually a REALLY good game.

I really like Sony's strategy to fill the Vita up with indie stuff.
It's a win-win situation, where the indie developers gain a lot of visibility and the Vita owners doesn't have to suffer from software droughts between AAA releases.

That said, the thing is: Sony, this policy tends to make Vita owners happy (or, in the worst case scenario, indifferent), but, I hope that you know, this IS NOT gonna sell Vitas.
No one will buy a new piece of tech to play Thomas was alone, or Hotline miami, or the years-old, recently announced, Limbo on the Vita. All those are great games. And I rather play any of them over some recent AAA generic action-shooter-QTE-fest.
My complain still is: What should we be looking forward to regarding the Vita?
AAA sells consoles. It is your job to provide this content

I am happy playing Guacamelee, but I want the system to have an userbase and to stop struggling. For developers to trust in it and to put great games on it, and not to release aftertought slightly-better-looking 3DS PORTS! (Arkham Origins Blackgate, I'm looking at you!)


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