No Room For Multiplayer In Story-Driven Witcher 3

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And this is why they're my favorite gaming company. They gave the enhanced edition of Witcher 2 as a free DLC to everyone who already owned a copy, unlike every other company in existence which would have charged $20 for it, they sell games without DRM, and they clearly understand that adding a bunch of fluff to the game would detract from the overall quality.

As I always say, Witcher 2 had the perfect non-story mode, by letting you play in the arena. It wasn't multiplayer, but it may as well have been since you were just fighting enemies, but it also allowed for some RPG elements like upgrading your character and equipment, and some competitive elements by seeing how your scores rank against others. Even if developing that took as much time and money as a multiplayer mode, at least the former didn't take away from the feel of the game. I just can't imagine a multiplayer mode for the Witcher that wouldn't detract from the feel of the game.


Yet the Witcher 2 had DRM during launch and the first few weeks after launch. I wish they actually stood by the message they give at all times, rather than just when it's safe to do so.

The retail version did have DRM, most likely enforced by the publisher OR a left-over from the pre-release reviews (Most likely the first one, but I have heard the latter theory thrown around). They also rather quickly removed it and apologized for it being on that version. Given that one version had no DRM, and that the first one didn't, it was most likely an enforced requirement or a left over that wasn't removed.

It was mostly there to appease publishers. The DRM was pretty much only there to ensure the game wasn't launched prior to the street date. Beyond that it didn't do much esle. This is akin to encrypting files on your HDD when you pre-load a game on Steam.

Well, it seems that there are good guys in the main industry still. I'm definitely going to check out the third one now out of pure support for their business practices.

CD Projekt already had a phenomenal amount of my respect and that just doubled. These guys, whether you like their games or not, are top people who treat their customers like people rather than walking wallets to be manipulated and fucked.

Easily the best publisher or developer out there.

I think I've worked out CD Projekt RED's corporate strategy: look at what EA is doing and do the exact opposite of it.

If only everyone did it.

Machine Man 1992:
I'm glad to see someone's brain still works in the industry, and realizes that slapping multiplayer on a single player focused game is a dumb idea, Bioware.

in their defence, the multiplayer in ME3 was actually kind of fun, just that it had to influence your singleplayer game was a bit strange.

also, they let you play like a krogan, so yay that.


I don't see how you can categorically dismiss multiplayer from the outset. So little is known about the game. For all you know, they could come up with amazing multiplayer.

An amazing multiplayer that I wont play, because if I wanted to play multiplayer I'd go play a game built to be multiplayer from the ground up, like TF2 or something.

So I'd rather they focus 100% on the singleplayer.

Considering the source material the game will be derived from, multiplayer makes sense. I can understand your perspective, I prefer solo RPG's and the like, but to just dismiss it before they even say anything seems rather closed minded. If Cyberpunk has multi in it, I imagine it'd be a big part of it. So it'd be build from the ground up as one I would assume, but as we have no information on it, it's just pure speculation.

Do these guys know nothing about selling games? You can't sell eleventy trillion copies without crappy tacked-on multiplayer and DRM! Doomed to fail [/EA exec]

Now we just have to wait and see Witcher 3 succeed and hope other developers take notice. I'm looking at you Tomb Raider devs.

so they wont put in mp, or drm and dont need to sell more copies than both Witcher ganes have combined to make a profit?


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