Shoot for the Moon with The Lunar Bundle

Shoot for the Moon with The Lunar Bundle

Pid, Cargo Commander, Dungeon Hearts, and Back to the Future: The Game headline Indie Royale's latest bundle.

Lets face it: there are just too many games out today. There's no one among our ranks with enough time, energy, and money to even sample the torrent of indie games which flood our Steam lists. Likely, you've missed a few important titles here and there. Thankfully, indie bundles exist like spade-fulls of mortar to fill in your gaming gaps. The Lunar Bundle, the latest batch from Indie Royale, offers you a selection of "out-of-this-world".

The games featured in the bundle are as diverse as the stars. PID follows a boy traveling the galaxy to find his way home, only to get stuck in a quirky platformer along the way. Cargo Commander is about salvaging cargo with the randomness of a rogue-like. Back to the Future: The Game continues the classic trilogy, thanks to the storytelling masters at Telltale. Meanwhile, Dungeon Hearts turns the match-3 genre into a fast-paced RPG.

Each of these games can be yours, as long as you pay more than the minimum price ($5.41 as of the time of writing). Each purchase drives the price up just a bit, so it pays to buy soon. The bundle ends within a week, so don't wait too long. Generous souls can pay more than the minimum and drive the price down for everyone else. All of the games can be registered either on Steam or Desura, and most work on both Mac and Windows.

According to indie bundle doctrine, there are still three more games that will be unlocked in the coming days. Also, paying more than $8.00 will also grant you a chiptune album from TDK, which can be listened to in its entirely here.

Source: Indie Royale


Well damn. I saw Lunar Bundle and immediately got excited and clicked without looking. Not a single Lunar game to be seen. Very disappointed now. That was a great series and should really get more love than it does. :(

I myself was hoping to see "To the moon" in this bundle.

I suppose it can still pop up as one of the unlockables.

Quick question, though. Since I never done Indie royal before, do early backers get access to the unlockables as well?

I would've expected Kerbal Space Program to be in the bundle, but I guess that would've made it the Munar bundle.

Product Placement:
do early backers get access to the unlockables as well?

Yup, that's exactly right.

Wow. This is an incredibly disappointing bundle. I usually grab these things straight away, but half of it is Steam-only and I own one of the others already.

Meh, I'll look in after the unlocks are done. (And this is what I dislike about the idea of unlocks.)


Ah, that's good. I'm interested enough to pay the minimum for the back to the future game (how that is considered Lunar related, I have no idea), so I can think of the other games as a bonus. Until this ends, I'm hoping to see "To the moon" pop up as one of the unlockables.

Hmm. The album's not bad. I might buy it for that.

Look at me, digging up an old newspost and necroposting like a madman!

At any rate, I just wanted to commend on the ridiculousness of the namesake that this bundle was given, now that the unlockables have been revealed.

I mean... really? International Snooker? On what planet is that moon related?

Regardless, I thought Back to the Future was more then worth the minimum cost of the bundle; I had great fun with that game (but again, moon related, how?).


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