Ron Perlman Says Hellboy III Must Happen

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Ron Perlman Says Hellboy III Must Happen


According to the Hellboy actor, director Guillermo del Toro owes the world a full trilogy.

All things considered, Hellboy and its sequel were a fine pair of films. They successfully adapted the horror and pulp tone of the original comics, and introduced the ass-kicking half-demon to a broad cinematic audience. Hellboy II's conclusion was open-ended enough for additional sequels, but director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman felt they'd done enough, so they moved on to other projects. That was five years ago however, and in the time since, Perlman has decided that Hellboy needs to return in a big away.

"I've been giving Guillermo body shots for two years," Perlman said during a C2E2 convention interview. "We both walked away from Hellboy II agreeing that there would never be another one. But, with the passage of time, it became clear to me that he really always designed it as a trilogy. He has a very well-articulated idea of what the resolve would look like and it's amazingly theatrical and is epic in scope and would make for amazing cinema, with or without the first two movies.

"There are so many questions posed in the first two films that absolutely need to be answered," Perlman continued. "'You owe it to the world to finish this trilogy.' I've been giving him Jewish guilt."

Perlman's argument for a Hellboy trilogy is sound, but actually making Hellboy III isn't so simple. The required budget for a third movie would be far higher than the originals, needing a minimum of $140 million to complete. That means a box office smash is mandatory to make a reasonable profit, and few producers are willing to take the risk for another Hellboy sequel.

Despite the financial risks, I'd love to see a third film bringing the stories of Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and the B.P.R.D. to a close. Unfortunately, if Perlman is going to fill that role, del Toro needs to get started right away. "I'm pushing seventy," Perlman said, "so he better fucking do this soon."

Source: IGN


Great, now you've reminded me that Ron Perlman might die soon and now I'm sad...

That being said, another Hellboy would be awesome. I hope Ron can pile on enough Jewish Guilt to get it done.

Cost $140M? Why so much? Especially since the last two weren't that expensive.

If Ron motherfucking Pearlman says we need another Hellboy then by God, we need one!The first Hellboy is one of my favorite movies. Also, if you didn't read those quotes in Pearlman's voice then there is something wrong with you

Cost $140M? Why so much? Especially since the last two weren't that expensive.

Possibly because Guillermo del Toro prefers using props instead of CGI which is more expensive

Wait...Ron Perlman, is 70 YEARS OLD?!!??!

Wait...Ron Perlman, is 70 YEARS OLD?!!??!

63, wiki'd it. but my response was IDENTICAL.

Wait...Ron Perlman, is 70 YEARS OLD?!!??!

He's 63 that's why he says pushing 70 as it will take several years to do a hellboy 3.

Please, we must have the movie before anyone passes on! I loved the first two movies and we are owed a third! Just to round off the series! Ron is such an awesome guy, even dressing up as Hellboy for a kid for make a wish.

Please Del Toro, finish off the series before Ron get's too old.


Wait...Ron Perlman, is 70 YEARS OLD?!!??!

63, wiki'd it. but my response was IDENTICAL.

Ron Perlman, Ron Perlman never changes

This'd be really cool, as I like the first movie very much. The second one I like less since it feels at times a bit stupid and the main villain is lame, but at least there's the spectacular visuals to gorp at. Though I wonder what direction they would be taking the film.

I'll take as many Hellboy movies as they can make if they're anywhere near as good as the first two. Make a third, a fourth, a fifth....

"I've been giving him Jewish guilt."

Jeez, that's pulling out the big guns. (no joke)

The first two Hellboys were strange but at least intriguing adaptations of the comic. So I'd welcome another one, also Ron Pearlman is just great all around.

Cost $140M? Why so much? Especially since the last two weren't that expensive.

Rising costs in production, which in many cases means that the people involved in the film crews are asking for bigger and bigger paydays, whether that is FX work, Cameras, or simple Grip work (ie moving stuff around). Not to mention of course what the actors themselves are demanding. Case in point, Ron Perlman is pushing 70, but I doubt he wants to do this movie for free, and despite cutting his teeth in making B movies palatable, he's kind of managed to become an "A lister" of a sort due to his work on things like "Sons Of Anarchy", what he can demand for a cinematic payday nowadays is probably pretty substantial. From the sounds of things it doesn't seem to be a case where he's willing to sign on as a producer and actually front part of the costs in exchange for a share of any profits.

Likewise, I believe Hellboy was a movie that used a lot of "Green Screen" for a lot of it's backrounds and enviroments (I could be wrong about this). The idea of the "Green Screen" was originally to help cut costs for movies and TV shows by allowing the creation of impressive backdrops and FX without having to build entire stages and sets. Some TV shows like "Sanctuary" made a big deal about using this technology, and it's cost effectiveness being one of the reasons they were able to do it. As time has gone on however "Green Screen" has pretty much skyrocketed in the cost department as the people doing it demand as much, or more, for their FX knowlege, than renting sound stages and builting sets would cost. All those "digital FX" that were going to save Hollywood have actually cursed it, it's just now it's a bunch of computer techs demanding top dollar, instead of the ones who actually built stuff. In an FX heavy movie like this, I can easily see the price having doubled or tripled, since the studios doing the FX probably now demand that much more for their services and can argue that if this production won't pay, they can find someone else who will.

Ironically, I've also been reading some stuff about how the greed of the Hollywood tech-elite has been prompting the return of old school FX which had been driven to semi-extinction because it became cheaper to do nearly everything with computers and Mocap for a while. This is in part why you see all these schools for makeup and FX hiring and TV shows on things like Syfy focusing on them, the idea being to fuel interest and bring about a new generation of FX meisters to replace the ones the computer nerds were forcing out of business.

Now don't get me wrong, I could very well be wrong about a lot of this, I'm just saying that it doesn't surprise me that it would be very expensive to do another "Hellboy".

Ideally a third movie would be nice, but I can see why they decided to drop it with two. The plot holes they left open are ones that are nearly impossible to resolve in a way that is going to satisfy everyone, especially given the whole apocolyptic vision of the future and how things are supposed to turn out (at least for a time), and the sources which seem unlikely to be wrong within the constraints of the mythos. It would be great for them to wrap everything up, but the ends of trilogies are always hard to do, especially when they intended to leave things open ended, probably to inspire other media.

Ron Perlman is 63? Hellboy is older than my dad?

What the fuck is wrong with the world, and why isn't my dad Hellboy?

and despite cutting his teeth in making B movies palatable, he's kind of managed to become an "A lister" of a sort due to his work on things like "Sons Of Anarchy",

*cough* the city of the lost children *cough* the name of the rose *cough*


Ah, fair enough. Sounds reasonable.

As for the third...yeah, I agree about that. Wrapping up a trilogy that wasn't meant to be a trilogy, that was just three movies coming out in dribs and drabs...not usually something that ends really well.

Making a third, fair enough, if they can get it to work. But just another in the franchise would likely be better than something wanting to be an epic ending, though at least that doesn't run the risk of the franchise dragging on forever.

Boris Goodenough:

and despite cutting his teeth in making B movies palatable, he's kind of managed to become an "A lister" of a sort due to his work on things like "Sons Of Anarchy",

*cough* the city of the lost children *cough* the name of the rose *cough*

I don't think either of them were massive, mainstream successes, nothing like him carrying "Sons Of Anarchy" for a number of years, which more or less made him a household name. Indeed I think "City Of Lost Children" is an example of a high-concept, B-movie, that he actually did a lot to improve, in fact without him I doubt anyone would even remember it in geekdom, and truthfully I don't think most people know about that one.

I'd support it. Guillermo's creatures are genius, and I like Hellboy. I like all the characters.

yes Yes YES! I've always liked the two hellboy films and was always disappointed that there wasn't a third.

If it is money problems though, to kickstarter! We can probably get that 140 mil in no time, or at least a portion of it.

And no more mentioning Ron's age, thats just depressing.

These films got me into the comics, im so for a third, and what'chu talking bout Pearlman!? You could be 90 and still have the capacity to kick ass and take names!

Oh that joke at the start of Hellboy became hilarious in retrospective

"He's 60 now but he's just barely reached his 20's. He doesn't age like us, think of it like reverse dog years"

Ron Perlman playing a 20 year old character at the age of 63. It's possible the man stayed in shape unlike Seagal.

"We both walked away from Hellboy II agreeing that there would never be another one. But, with the passage of time, it became clear to me that he really always designed it as a trilogy.


I know I said I didn't want to do another Hellboy, but I've not been in a lot of big movies lately and I'd like more money.

Love the guy as an actor and I love Hellboy, but wish he'd just be honest with himself. His last big opened-in-theater film was Hellboy 2 back in 2008, so it's no wonder he wants to do another one. Everything since then has been lower in budget or popularity, or a voiceover, or direct-to-video (mix and match those three as appropriate).

Except Pacific Rim, I guess, but I'm somehow doubting he's doing a leading role in that movie.

I thought Del Toro was working with HBO to make Monster. Well, I suppose he could work on more than one thing, but I'm more interested in Monster than a third Hellboy movie.

Perlman is like Lee Marvin, The older he gets the more powerful he becomes. I think they made a law that allowed Lee Marvin to smoke and drink and fuck anywhere he wanted. Perlman will probably be able to smoke in space and even in zero g his scotch stays in the glass.

The second Hellboy is one of my favorite comic book films (the first is good, but it doesn't have DR KRAUSS), and I'd love to see another one. So long as they get Jeffrey Tambor back somehow.

And hey, if he wants more genre work in the meantime, as I've said on numerous occasions:

He needs to voice Thanos in the MCU.

I keep throwing coins in wells, and he keeps giving interviews like this, but I'm no closer to having a new Hellboy movie for my viewing pleasure. This displeases me.

More sacrifices to the movie gods shall be made.

Maybe he could kill two birds with one stone and have Hellboy fight Cuthulu. Oh wait he did that in the first movie :P

I would love to see another Hellboy movie. That and i'm a big fan of Ron Perlman. I met him on set once on some movie that i'm not even sure ever came out. I was told it was a low budget film where i would be getting paid for 1 day of work with a same day check for a fight scene they wanted done. I was rather surprised to see Ron there. What was even cooler was that he was in the fight scene we were filming. He pulled some other actor that i had to make look like he was beating me up, off of me in the scene. He was really polite and a pure professional. No hint of attitude or arrogance. He even went out of his way to say goodbye to me when he left for the day. I liked him and his work before that day, but he really made an impression on me.

Pushing 70? Ron, you're fucking 63 and you barely look it as is.
C'mon now, honestly.

Not that I'm against this, Ron Pearlman is amazing, every role he plays is pure gold and he just seems like such a nice guy.

He's a damn ugly actor...but he's a great actor and perfect for Hellboy!

Hellboy 1 was a bit weird and dark for me...I wasn't expecting much from Hellboy II

Boy was I wrong! I loved Hellboy II! I liked the cheesy scenes, the comedy, the fantasy, the effects, the is a great movie! It is true though that there needs to be a Hellboy III. There were scenes from the first two that prophesize that Hellboy is going to destroy the world and that the fire chick (forgot her name) is going to suffer the most. They introduced Hellboy's "Death" in Hellboy II so he/she/it would likely have a bigger role in Hellboy III. They already have the basis for a finale...they should definitely do it!

The guy is frickin old and still acts like he's 20 something and always looks badass. And the love I feel from him towards the series is just such a wonderful thing. If there's one thing I love from this movies is that Del Toro uses actual props, the one thing I just can't get enough from movies.



Ron Perlman, Ron Perlman never changes

Your comment just made my day.

Perlman is in incredibly good shape for a man in his sixties.

I'd love to see another Hellboy movie, but the second movie barely grossed enough to cover the budget of that proposed third movie (including both domestic and international take), and the first didn't come close. It would be great if they could figure a way to pull it off without breaking the bank; I don't think anything short of that is likely to make that happen.

whilst I'm not too keen on the flawed first movie, Hellboy 2 was fantastic. I watched it right after being thoroughly disappointed with 'The Dark Knight', and Hellboy 2 renewed my hope in Hollywood. I didn't even know they initially agreed to end it with 2. WTH. Where's my 3rd installment, damn it!

Do I hear Kickstarter???

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