Dead Island Studio Reveals Hellraid Hack-and-Slasher

Dead Island Studio Reveals Hellraid Hack-and-Slasher

Hellraid will support both story-driven single-player and online co-op multiplayer for up to four stalwart warriors holding the line against the invading forces of Hell.

It's not the meatiest setup ever - the armies of Hell have invaded the realm of man and only you and your sword-swinging homies can beat them back - but sometimes all you want to do is cleave limbs from bodies, and that's an itch that Hellraid might just be able to scratch. Coming from the makers of Call of Juarez and Dead Island, Hellraid is all about first-person combat in a lush, magical fantasy world that's had the misfortune of being overrun by demons.

I've always said that you can't go wrong with a good sword at your side (seriously, I've always said that) but those who prefer a less bladed approach to infernal extermination can opt to wield the defensive magics of a Paladin, the elemental powers of a Mage or the long-distance precision of the Rogue. The single-player mode will offer a conventional beginning-middle-end experience, while multiplayer will put up to four players together in a race to see who among them is the best skull-cracker of all.

The whole thing has a pretty distinct Dark Messiah of Might and Magic vibe, which I think is great because I loved Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. But where that game suffered at times for its inaccurate classification as an RPG, Hellraid is making no bones about the fact that it's a first-person action game. There will be exploration and quests, weapons crafting and customizable armor, but the bottom line here is combat: grab a guy, hit him and move on.

We actually first heard about Hellraid last summer, when Techland offered a brief glimpse at an early-days project it referred to as "Project Hell," and I'm happy to see that things are proceeding apace. No release date has been set beyond sometime this year, but it's being developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and for now you can find out more about Hellraid at


This sounds really awesome. I was just thinking the other day about how great the combat system in Dead Island would be if used in some kind of super-natural fantasy game. Hopefully it turns out well; for all of Dead Island's problems, it at least had fun combat, and hopefully the team at Techland will be learning a lot from the fairly lukewarm reception of Riptide.

Would be great if I could trust a connection with my English friends not to be laggy as hell.

Give me a demo. I am making no judgements until I can try a demo. Could be either great or horrid, or maybe something in between, and thus, I want to be able to try it first.

Sounds interesting, but after Dead Island I'm not buying until 3 or more stability/bug-fix patches have been released. Unofficial Paid Betas piss me off.

Blah blah, forces of hell.

I always had this concept in my head during the C&C:red alert days of a 3-team RTS\shooter hybrid involving an earthly war between demonic and angelic forces, which both entirely disregard and wantonly slaughter humanity (except hell did it with the color red and fire, and the angelic side does it with beams of light).

At least this setting will make dead island's mechanics make more sense.

This looks a hell of a lot like a re-skinned Dead Island. Not sure if want.

With a parry and making the enemies fight like the player (directional attacks) it could be cool and distance itself from a re-skin of Dead Island

So... am I the only one who's really getting more a Skyrim vibe from this art-wise? It's probably more from the color choice and some of the architecture, but as it is now it does feel more like a Skyrim mod.

This sounds like a great idea... until I think about how the Dead Island guys are making it. Can someone else finish this title, please? I want a game that will follow through(strong gameplay & less bugs).

So... am I the only one who's really getting more a Skyrim vibe from this art-wise? It's probably more from the color choice and some of the architecture, but as it is now it does feel more like a Skyrim mod.

maybe you should stop comparing everything it to skyrim and more to rune and blade of darkness. perhaps a bit of eternal darkness too...

so its more or less dead island with better ai?
im okay with this...

Sounds pretty awesome. I really hope they don't screw it up...

What about the OTHER pseudo-british game about a demon invasion?

Whose current title eludes me, but sounds like to origin of this 'game echo'.


Knowing Techland, I'm pretty sure this is going to be another disappointing and highly clunky/broken piece of abruptly-dropped interactive material.

Come on Techland, you already dropped the ball even more with Riptide, why not go even lower with Hellraid?


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