Headshots From the Heart Marathons Borderlands 2 For Charity

Headshots From the Heart Marathons Borderlands 2 For Charity


The second annual Headshots From the Heart gaming marathon will spend 24-hours with Borderlands 2 in a skull-popping quest to raise money for Child's Play.

I hope you have room in your life for another charity gaming marathon because on May 18, a group from lovely Kitchener, Ontario is going to sink 24 solid hours of their lives into Borderlands 2 in a guns-blazing drive to support the Child's Play charity. The team raised more than $2500 playing the original Borderlands last year and is aiming for $8000 this year.

To help encourage interest and donations, the Headshots team is inviting local gamers who raise $50 for Child's Play to join them at Kwartzlab for some LAN party action during the marathon and also offering a shot at taking part in the main event. As with every good gaming marathon there will be live challenges, an auction of ten bundles of gamer kit ranging from a painting by local artist Nik Harron to a collection of gear donated by event sponsor SteelSeries, plus prizes, interviews, performances and more.

"Last year people wanted to help by gaming themselves," said Headshots From the Heart co-founder Jim Tigwell. "This year they can come, join our LAN party, participate in live challenges, relax in our Spike|Mobile Console Lounge, win great prizes and know they are helping Child's Play."

The Headshots From the Heart Child's Play Marathon begins at 12:30 pm EDT on May 18 and runs for a rock-solid 24 hours, and will be streamed live from start to finish. You can find out more (including what a "Spike|Mobile Console Lounge" is) at headshotsmarathon.org.


As much as I do not play Borderlands (either game cause I am completely burned from the FPS genre..with the exception of retro FPS games), this is a cool cause. Be more awesome if people who have the game on their respective console have an online tournament participation and can stream from that as well.

Nice to see gaming, and the FPS genre in particular, in the 'good news' section.

this is pretty cool, tho I still feel like I'm just coming off the Extra Life charity.

oh wait, October was that long ago? man time flies by


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