Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 Stealing Their Way to PSN

Grand Theft Auto 1 and [/i]2 Stealing Their Way to PSN

Grand Theft Auto PS1 Box Art

The ESRB has rated Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 for the PlayStation 3, Vita and PSP.

As silly as it sounds, it can be easy to forget that Grand Theft Auto III wasn't the first in the series. Being the mass hit and revolutionary title it was, its reputation alone dwarfs the games that preceded it. It's a bit of a shame, because the original Grand Theft Auto and its sequel were both great and ambitious titles in their own right, establishing many of the tenets of the franchise that gamers now take for granted. Grand Theft Auto 2 also took place in one of the franchise's more unique settings, eschewing a faux real world location for a pseudo-futuristic city controlled by evil corporations, rednecks, and gangs of escaped mental patients.

Gamers interested in revisiting the GTA's of yesteryear, however, may find themselves with a fresh opportunity to do so. PlayStation Network versions of Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 both recently received ratings in the ESRB's software listings.While its top-down perspective arguably makes it a more tame game than modern day GTA's, the ESRB gave Grand Theft Auto a Mature rating for its violence and strong language. GTA 2, comparatively, got off with a Teen rating. Though Sony has made no official announcements, it's likely the games are being readied for re-release as PlayStation Classics, which would make them playable on the PS3, PSP and Vita.

Currently, both GTA 1 and 2 are available for free via RockStar's official website. Even so, there is an arguable case for investing in the PSN version when they come out. The PlayStation games were fairly well-regarded at the time of their original release, and while time has probably left them with a few rough edges, a Grand Theft Auto that you can play on your Vita is good any way you slice it. In the least, it can't be any worse than going back and playing Grand Theft Auto III. How we ever got used to that camera and targeting system boggles the mind.

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I was hoping for this for so long. But I have since gotten rid of the ps3 that was doing no more than collecting dust. I hope this transitions over to whatever bullshit the next batch of consoles turn out to be.

Surprised that GTA2 got off with a teen rating considering that it has that mission where

It's probably a port of the PS1 version which, IIRC, wasn't as bloody as the PC version which (again IIRC) was about as violent as the first game.

"are available for free"

Well, guess i gotta replay those first couple of GTA games, i do love free stuff.

I'm dutch, what do you want?

Question though, has anyone EVER completed ANY of these games without cheats?

No thanks I already have Retro City Rampage on my PS3. Just a LITTLE bit late to the game there Rockstar.....

"are available for free"

Well, guess i gotta replay those first couple of GTA games, i do love free stuff.

I'm dutch, what do you want?

Question though, has anyone EVER completed ANY of these games without cheats?

I honestly wasn't aware you could even complete either of them - and I've definitely faffed about for hours on end.

Furthermore, I strongly disagree with OP's assertion that GTA I&II were "forgettable" - especially when compared to GTA III. 3 was revolutionary, but it was Vice City that really cemented it as the way to go.

I'm slightly worried that I'm being watched. I asked for this very thing a few hours a go on this thread

I like the free part too. Time for me to go hit and run some monks!

If it weren't for the fact that I already got all the main games for 8 quid on steam I'd get them. What I really want is a digital re release of London 1969.

Meanwhile you can already have San Andreas on Android...... Bit late to the party ech.....

What!? No GTA London!!??

Booo! :( This needs to be rectified... I never got to play it the first time round!

Hell... I may go get the original!

EDIT: Just looked up the original on Amazon... and wow! I love how nostalgia skews games!

At the time, people compare games to the other games that are around, and that is how they score them... When people look back at games they used to like their view is skewed all over the shop, and you end up with this:

Skewed reviews

So basically what you have is 4 reviews... the two from 2000/2001 give the game 2/3 stars respectively, where as the two from 2009/2012 give it 5/4 stars respectively... The reviews themselves also reflect this, with the 2/3 star ones comparing it to the original, and saying it was disapointing that it wasn't as long or as big, and it wasn't enough of a step up (CoD fan's take note) and the 4/5 stars are essentially OMG LONDON!!!!1! (Deliberately being facetious)

Man I love seeing stuff like that! I know I will be strait on the 4/5 bandwagon when it arrives too! :P


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