Shoot Time Primates in Gun_Monkeys

Shoot Time Primates in Gun_Monkeys

Indie Devs Size Five branch out with a procedurally-generated monkey deathmatch platformer.

After hitting it big with adventure games like Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please, Size Five is branching out into new genres. With its stealth game The Swindle still in the works, they decided to take a break and do something different. Thus, Gun_Monkeys, a "physics-y" deathmatch platformer with procedurally-generated levels. With monkeys.

The idea is that in the future, everyone is killed by perpetual energy experiments. A big bummer for future folk, but a sweet deal for us today. Energy companies send monkeys into this nightmare future, armed to the teeth, and have them bring the energy back. The natural result is massive primate slaughter in a dark distant future where there is only energy. Imagine trying to give THAT pitch to a big publisher.

"I needed a tiny break from my next game, The Swindle," said Dan Marshall, Size Five's Chief Executive of Game Development. "I'd been working so hard on it for so long I was struggling, creatively." So, he's retooling the first game he made, Gibbage, into this. If that name rings a bell, that's because it made a cameo appearance in the Ben There, Dan, That games.

Gun_Monkeys will launch on PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in the future (but before the power apocalypse). Beta testing is set to begin soon, and interested parties should pay attention to Dan's twitter feed for details.

Source: Size Five


Am I the only one noticing that they're using everything except guns to murder the other monkeys?

Give me controller support and local multiplayer and I'll give you some money. Loved the point and clicks, I'm sure I'll like anything these guys do. I sure hope Monaco didn't steal Swindle's thunder.

Giving guns to primates?
That's primeval!

The Gentleman:
Am I the only one noticing that they're using everything except guns to murder the other monkeys?

Thanks Obama!


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