Batgirl Takes Revenge On The Joker In New Injustice Clip

Batgirl Takes Revenge On The Joker In New Injustice Clip

A modern woman can't let a little thing like being shot in the spine slow her down.

Batgirl is the next DLC character to join the Injustice: Gods Among Us cast, and this morning she received her very own debut trailer. See above.

Normally I wouldn't want to spoil a classic story - particularly one written by noted wizard Alan Moore - but since the vignette embedded above does that for me, I don't feel so bad pointing out that Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) has always been best known as the poor creature who the Joker shot, then left paralyzed from the waist down in The Killing Joke. It was a great story, but at the same time it could serve to alienate those who only know Batgirl as "the cute redhead in a wheelchair."

Then again, who cares? It's obvious that the character (and the apparently imminent Killing Joke DLC skin pack) are an attempt by Injustice: Gods Among Us developer NetherRealm Studios to homage Moore's classic tale. If you're going to make a videogame set in the DC Comics universe at some point you're going to have to recognize Moore's contributions, and short of giving Superman a desperation attack where he growls "BURN!" and torches his opponent with eye lasers, this next batch of DLC seems a very fitting tribute.

One could make the argument that Injustice's roster is becoming increasingly slanted toward close personal friends of Bruce Wayne. That's undeniable. There's far more Batman characters than any other contingent in the title. However, that's to be expected. Batman is arguably the most popular superhero of our modern era, and the success of Nolan's film trilogy and the Arkham game franchise are key reasons why NetherRealm was given the opportunity to make a DC fighting game in the first place. Bat-oversaturation was inevitable.

As for when you'll have a chance to play with the Batgirl DLC, that remains a mystery. NetherRealm has at least three more DLC characters to debut beyond Lobo (who appeared on May 7), so it would make sense for the company to stretch out the length of time between releases. Maybe drop a new character every month or so. Batgirl may appear sooner however, as her existence was accidentally leaked, forcing NetherRealm to confirm the character only days after its previous DLC roster addition hit the 'net.

So, expect Batgirl to appear at some point between next Tuesday and mid-June.

Pricing is technically not set in stone, but the trend so far indicates that Batgirl will set you back $5. Those of you who sprung for the discounted Season Pass however, will be able to snag her gratis once she appears.


Nipple slingshot, you can always count the Bat clan for ingenuity.

Dear Nether Realm, DC, and WB. You have two more DLC characters left. No more characters from the Bat family books!

So, she gets shot and paralysed, than 20 odd years later is better (nanomachines...) and proceeded to kick ungodly amounts of ass... and in a non-latex batsuit...

Fuck yeah...

Dear Nether Realms,

I would like to request that Batgirl get Classic Style skin and alt skins based on Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown (My fave Batgirl), that would please just about everyone I think. :) Even though when Stephanie Brown attempts to show up after the New 52 DC seems hell bent on short circuiting it (see Young Justice Animated Series and the Smallville Season 11 Comic Series).

Also Killing Joke style Joker? AWESOME!!! Hopefully it will be grouped with the Blue/Gray Batman with the yellow insignia and one other random alt. skin.

So... Ashley Williams as Oracle as Batgirl beating up Killing-Joke Holiday Joker through the Wayne Mansion...

I might have to spring for this particular DLC...

Cute... Can we have the Martian Manhunter now, plz? ...and Tag Team mode?

That's not Batgirl, that's Ashley Williams doing a cosplay. (Before you jump on me, she was also Oracle in the Arkham games, I get it)

Could they have picked a worse narrator for the recap portion however?


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