Guacamelee! Tops The PSN Charts

Guacamelee! Tops The PSN Charts

Guacamelee! Screen 11

Guacamelee! is a Mexican, not a Mexican't.

By most accounts, especially mine, Guacamelee! is pretty damn good. But not only has the Mexico-themed Metroidvania beat-em-up charmed critics, it's resonated with the average gamer as well, judging by the PSN exclusive's impressive sales.

According to Sony, Guacamelee! was last month's best-selling PSN game, topping both the PS3 and Vita charts in North America and Europe. Despite launching on the 9th, the game managed to beat both Terraria and Tomb Raider on the PS3, as well as snatch the VITA crown from Sony's Soul Sacrifice and Muteki's Dragon Fantasy Book 1. In Europe, the game managed to outsell PSN favorites, Journey, Hitman: Blood Money HD and Crysis. Not bad for a tiny, independent team with just three games under its belt.

So what's Guacamelee! about? To quote a trustworthy source (me):

Juan, an agave farmer from the strong and silent school of videogame protagonists, is spurred to action after his childhood friend/love interest (who is literally called "el presidente's daughter") is kidnapped by Calaca, a sharply-dressed skeleton intent on the usual undead shenanigans; Evil rituals, world domination, insane laughter, et al. After a brief brush with death, Juan finds himself in possession of a magical luchador mask that gives him mystical lucha libre wrestler powers. He then sets off to suplex his way through deserts, jungles, temples and an army of evil skeletons to retrieve his bogarted love and thwart Calaca's vaguely-outlined plan for ruling both the worlds of the living and the dead.

In short; Beautiful, brilliant, satisfying and intelligent. The game is pretty good too. I gave it four out of five.

Source: Sony Blog


That pun Grey......that pun.


It's great to see this happen because Sony have been slightly pushing out more Indie games and those smaller games that have a lot of charm. Thomas was alone is brilliant on the vita; Spelunky should be fun when it comes out and Terria seems like a good fit.

Hopefully this is a sign of more things to come.

I should probably stop being lazy and buy that at some point.

It's pretty cool that titles such as these are doing really well on PSN since Sony has been really pushing for indie titles to be on their system as of late.

Don't think I didn't catch that Shadows of the Damned reference.

You're a man after me own heart.

Judging by the picture someone mixed that Guacamelee with chili peppers.

Good to see the game doing well, I wonder what games they will come up with in the future.

That is the plot from splatterhouse .... Minus the gore.

That aside the game looks interesting, I will have to check it out.

I got it on release day because I had a bit of cash in my wallet and it's such a fun game to play and is chock full of clever references to other games and internet culture. Never regretted my time with it.

I'm actually thinking about buying this soon. The only downside I heard is that the game is a little on the short side, but for $15 I'm more willing to let that slide


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