Dredd Sequel May Still Happen

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Well, if you factor in the first week sales, they just about broke even. That's not really a win, but it's not a loss either. Moreover, a sequel would have the freedom of opening up the world a bit. I think people were just wary of the old Stallone flick.

I know I was skeptical, but I went on opening weekend and loved it. I have new found respect for Karl Urban. Half his face was covered, and the other half was always a perpetual scowl. Yet, somehow, we was still able to act and emote perfectly.

I loved the film, although I wish we got to see more of the city/world than just one building. Still, good film, really hope there is a second.

i think he should self finance it if he gets a few big paying jobs under his belt.

as a personal vehicle/project.

i think he may well be tempted to.

i wouldn't go straight to Judge Death as the 2nd film tho (the obvious choice given Anderson was one of the best things in the movie).

i'd make two simultaneously with Judge Death as the third.

the only question is what story/classic Dredd motif do you pick to bridge the minimalist bloc war of the first film with the obvious but slightly left field and larger scale of a Judge Death movie.

it would have to be a good one...

i can see the third as a kind of futuristic zombie movie that also has a central villain...

that could be cool...lots of excuses to gratuitously kill zombies too :P

and lets face it zombies aren't that expensive...

and then sell it long term as a trilogy.

the time gap between the 1st any 2nd film will hopefully allow a real honest buzz to build and hopefully that should aid any second films cinematic release...imo Dredd is well deserving of such an honest "grass roots" buzz.

and seriously if Paul Bettany can make the two movies i just watched (Priest and Legion) Karl Urban can make more middling budget minimalistic ultra violent Dredd...and if not..there's something wrong with the universe frankly.

Even if a sequel is never made, this movie is amazing in it's own right and I will keep the Blu Ray forever. Also, despite some of the comments, I saw this in 3D and LOVED it! One of the few movies that made interesting (and not pointless) use of 3D. Is in necessary to enjoy the movie? No. But it definitely helped me remember it when the summer movie rush was over.

It's really sad that I had to watch this one by... "my own means" Since the only screening was a theater 10 hours from here, in one single room. THAT is pretty much shit.

I went into this movie not expecting anything, and came out wanting to go back in and see it again. The fact that there's a Scary Movie 5 and Fast and Furious 6, but a truly quality movie like Dredd is struggling just to get one sequel, is really enraging.

I was suprised by how not terrible Dredd was. Then again I was expecting it to be like the first film so I didn't watch it in the cinema (plus 3D? No thanks) but rented the DVD intending to make fun of it and actually enjoyed it somewhat. I'd watch a sequel as long as it had a bit more variety in setting, hours of grey samey corridors was kind of dull. Although from the looks of the megacity it will be limited to mostly grey, mostly concrete and mostly dull.

I liked Dredd. It wasn't amazing but it looked gorgeous, was action packed and I appreciated Karl Urban playing Dredd so well.

Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel.

My buddies and I saw this as a guys night out thing. Best 8 bucks spent since Rambo 4.

Oh my god it's Queen Cersei.

It seems i'm the only one who wanted to see it in 3D, this completely snuck by me when it hit cinemas but i got the DVD and it was one of the best films i had seen in a while. the 3D tech they made for this film (the biggest cost of its production) was to make it look like a moving comic and i really wished i saw it in 3D.

But fuck the 3D. Dredd was particularly bad as so few 2D showings were made available. Thanks Lionsgate.

I think the highest praise I can give Dredd 3D is that it was the film Avatar should have been. Well, that wasn't my praise, but I was told this afterwards and it makes a lot of sense.

A tight, no-nonsense plot. Well-choreographed set-pieces. Impeccable effects shots. Astonishing use of slow-motion. A running time less than ninety minutes.

It gets in, expends all its ideas, and then gets out. Quick, simple, brutal. The PERFECT 3D popcorn flick. The effects, the scope - everything was perfect as a spectacle film. The kind of film, arguably, 3D was made for. Meanwhile, Avatar meanders around for hours, trying to "pull you into the world". Fuck that! Just give us an hour and a half of astonishing 3D effects held up by a solid script. Don't give us three hours of the same 3D effects over and over again held up by a mediocre script.

I understand that there are people forever abstinent from 3D films, and that's totally cool. But for me, Dredd 3D is up there with Hugo as a cinematic 3D outing that used 3D properly and effectively - if not exceedingly well.

Here's the thing... everyone, and I do mean everyone, was skeptical of Dredd 3D when it was announced. The trailer that came out didn't change many minds. The 3D gimmick (in the title and in the movie) was at a point when there was a strong backlash against 3D (and there still kinda is). The public's last impression of Dredd was the awful, cheesy Stallone film. It had little marketing, little tie-ins, little hype, little exposure, little media coverage...

... it had the deck stacked pretty high against it.

I ONLY went to see it once someone told me it was awesome and critics were liking it on Rotten Tomatoes. That caught me honestly off-guard. I expected it to suck. YOU expected it to suck. EVERYONE expected it to suck.

It didn't suck. In fact, I'd say that it was the best action movie I saw that year and damn near kicked Avengers to the curb for my favorite superhero movie of the year (I certainly liked it better than Dark Knight Rises).

This film DOES deserve a sequel, and this time I won't be thinking twice about whether or not it'll be good. Kal Urban knocked it out of the park.


Caught it on Netflix after the fact, and it was one of my favorite movies last year. I would love to see a sequel happen.

FOKYES great news, awesome movie. The world needs more Dredd.

...This is the perfect night now. First I go see the new star trek movie with a girl I like, and now a sequel may just happen to a movie that I LOVED the fuck out of. The hell did I do to deserve this?

Also, to those that hated the 3D part of it: The slow-mo scenes, with the 3D, were AMAZING. Shame there wasn't at least a little more slow-mo. That shit was awesome.

Oh, and we'd better get news if this gets shot down. I don't want to have false hope.

Dredd was one of the best films I have seen in recent years. Like so many others, I had heard almost nothing of it until after it had already stopped screening and I had to wait for the DVD release to finally see it. It is terrible how badly under-marketed it was. Was somebody at Lionsgate determined to bury it? Someone with some sort of aversion to Dredd? Or perhaps to British comic books or something? If it had been properly supported from the start, Dredd would have easily made back its production costs and gone on to make a decent profit. It is entirely the fault of the distributor that it did not.

"Hey, there's a new judge dredd movie"
ME: "No shit?"
"Yeah, I rented it"
ME:" haha Alright, I don't really expect much"

End of movie:

Fuck that was a good movie. Jurassic Park 3d is getting trailers all over the places, and my wife picked Dredd outta red box not knowing anything about it. The world is sad.

Well if people are interested, there is a movement on Facebook for another film but if people want a little bit more Dredd stuff check out the fan film Judge Minty just released on YouTube. It's been doing the rounds at a few sci Fi cons it's more set in the comic book universe then the film but there is another fan film being made set in the 2012 film called cursed edge, the trailer for that has just been released too.

Just posting to show further encouragement to this fantastic action movie.
It struck a perfect balance between Dredd being utterly pissed of _all the time_ and Rachel Woods character having a more emotional personality that was actually useful.

I thought Urban was gonna crash and burn as Dredd, but the dude delivered in spades.

The only issue I had with Dredd was that the seams of the budget were very apparent. The outdoor shots of Mega City looked like just an average city, and nothing that indicated a giant metropolis collapsing under its own weight. And there was an overall lack of strong visuals to solidify the setting.

I still fucking loved this movie though, and I would hope for a sequel with a bigger budget.

My local cinema didn't show Dredd so I couldn't see it. Grabbed it on Blu-ray and I have to say it's easily one of my favourite movies of all time. The 3D was well done in my opinion and watching the making-of they really put the effort into it.

Kickstarter + Dredd 3d2
I would donate cash to see next movie from the creators of Dredd. this movie was awesome.

I loved Dredd but didn't go see it in the cinema because I didn't even realise it was out. Poor marketing and promotion.

Bought the Bluray of it though

Wow, good news!! The 2012 one was beyond my expectation! Pure raw action!



Watched it in cinema, got it on Blu Ray. Along with The Raid, the only good action movies of last year.

Even the 3D was good! Watching it in 2D is actually worse because you don't get the cool particle effects of the "slow mo" drug.

Oh please let this happen.

I was really sceptical about Dredd before I saw it. Honestly, I thought it looked terrible. But after actually seeing this it's my favourite film of last year, and I'd love a sequel.

With Olivia Thirlby of course, and the Dark Judges. The movie handled the psi stuff brilliantly, and an R rated Judge Death... do I even need to explain why that would be awesome?

This. Dear god. This. I want to see the Dark Judges on screen so much! There's just untold potential in them.

Ya them tanking was a great combo of stupidity, no real adverts anywhere and in my area they didn't even show the 2D version so the only option was paying double price for a worse looking version... really fucking brilliant.

I also don't think the movie was particularly well executed, they had a great idea but sadly blew their budget on high speed camera rentals rather then props. So outside the fancy slow-mo shots the whole thing looked like a day in Detroit with some cheap mock up props and nothing like the ultra absurd future that Dredd is suppose to be.

yes, make a sequel. this movie is just awesome and loved every moment of it. watched it 3x once i got the dvd in my hands.

I think the biggest problem with Dredd was its violence. You have to admit that it was a very violent movie and most R-Rated movies tend not to make as much money unless the violence is completely expected (like Saw and The Evil Dead etc.)

However, with that said. If they do make a sequel then it should definitely be as violent as the first one! Otherwise you will alienate the fanbase (Die Hard 4 anyone?) and it will get a negative reception from its fans and won't likely find a new audience.

The 3D was also unnecessary, with (in my opinion) the cartoon-like slow-mo shootout sequence early in the movie being probably the worst scene in the film and obviously done for cheesy 3D gimmick 'OMG part of the dude's cheek and blood look like they are coming at me!'

I am all for a Dredd sequel though! I didn't see it in cinemas because I swear it was only there for a week and my mate said it was too violent for him (which to be honest made me want to watch it more haha).

I think the biggest problem with Dredd was its violence. You have to admit that it was a very violent movie and most R-Rated movies tend not to make as much money unless the violence is completely expected (like Saw and The Evil Dead etc.)

I get your point in that it can be a detriment if the film is mis-marketed, but for many (no doubt including yourself) it was one of the film's many highlights. It was refreshing to see a film not pussy-footing around with hobbled PG-13 violence.

It was a graet movie.
cinemas not actually picking it up and limited audience (mostly the existign fans. i saw it without reading the comics, but i see a LOT of movies that i dont know nothing, most people i know that saw it were fans beforehand) made it tank.

I would love to see a sequel as i loved the movie.

Capcha: please decribe this brand with any words (burger king).
i typed in fat american, im evil :(

I had my own reservations about Dredd, but my best mate got me to see it. As I was watching I was still wary, even after that first awesome slo-mo bit with the main baddie in the bath. I was thinking "it's a bit of a drop in stakes from the first movie, from the fate of the whole of Mega City One to just Dredd himself, his sidekick and the future of this one drug cartel". Then I realised it was more Dredd than Judge Dredd (1995) was. It was Dredd doing his job- that of the best Judge in the city. He was dispatched to the biggest case, the highest threat. And he dealt with every mothereffer like the no-nonsense, hard-as-brass-tacks sunnuvabich I now know him as. Though I thought the opportunity to have someone say "YOU'RE GONNA DIE, DREDD!!" and have Dredd blast them away then growl "Objection" was sadly missed.

I am optimistic of there being a sequel. Just model them on the comic and throw Dredd at the biggest case of the day, movie by movie. And this time, go see the damn things!

I certainly hoped that they do make a sequel. Dredd did justice over the Stallone version!

Dredd's failure wasn't due to a bad movie, more to bad marketing and bad planning. I didn't realize it was running in theaters until it was already out of screening again. And judging from the comments above, I wasn't the only one. For the ones who still care: it is also mentioned in Bob's review of Resident Evil: Retribution. It came out at exactly the same time, and is the same sort of movie: Du,b action fun. But Dredd did a so much better job that it still holds up firmly in my top 3 of 2012. It also came out at the wrong point: it was September, which usually holds the movies that are not interesting enough for the summer blockbuster crowd, and people already spent their money on going to The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

I distinctly remember a similar thing for another comic book movie: back in 2010 on a press conference for Iron Man 2, Kevin Feige confirmed that a Black Widow movie was in the works. It's three years later now and we haven't heard a peep from it since. Basically, this sort means nothing until we actually get an official confirmation that it will happen.

OT: So yeah, I'm pretty happy about this. But like you said, from ''Not off the agenda'' is a long way to ''Now that was an awesome sequel''.

Yeah, 3D is not my friend and the forcing of 3D into this film did it no favours, especially when the plot descended into "shootout in a tower block BUT IT'S NOT THE RAID HONEST".

You mean like Die Hard?
Yeah, once you set a movie in a vertical building, everyone has to rip it off and it sucks 'cause THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! Right?

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