Shaq Preps Attack With Shaqfighter

Shaq Preps Attack With Shaqfighter

The basketball/martial arts master Shaquille O'Neal trademarks Shaqfighter.


Shaq isn't just a retired basketball star, he's a one-man media empire. While Mine O'Mine might be the company behind ventures like, I'd like to think that Mr. O'Neal pops in to offer wisdom on things like proper data sorting algorithms and marketing demographics from time to time. Now, it looks like Mine O'Mine has more going on than just ghostwriting his blog because it's just registered a trademark for "Shaqfighter". According to the filing, Shaqfighter applies to "video games, computer software, online games, and action skills games", which means that it's likely a fighter involving Shaq.

This isn't Shaq's first foray into the wide world of interactive electronic entertainment. His first was Shaq Fu, the notoriously broken fighter from the 16-bit era. More recently, his likeness has graced ShaqDown, an endless runner on iOS. In Shaq Fu, he falls into a dimension full of martial arts while on his way to a charity event. In ShaqDown, he battles hordes of mutants and zombies. Both games feature a distinct lack of basketball.

Because this is just a trademark filing and not a game announcement, there are no details yet. Perhaps Shaq's been intimidated by games like Barkley Shut up and Jam: Gaiden and wants to assert his dominance in the competative fighting arena. Whatever the outcome, I'm hoping that Shaqfighter includes Kazaam and Steel as unlockable characters.

Source: US Trademark Office via Eurogamer


I have this image of a starry-eyed young game developer, positively bursting with ideas and energy, who has just gotten their first real job in the industry... and has just learned that they shall be making Shaqfighter.

I'm looking forward to seeing it fail as spectacularly as Shaq Fu, if not more.

I didn't even know that he was still that popular.

Aww man, getting ready for the Shaq Attack. I expect this game to be glorious.

I hope he reviews shaqfu and realizes it was hilariously terribad and actually makes a decent game, i mean granted a game of shaq fighting monsters sounds funny but stupid but if it succeeds it would be good to have more mainstream oddity games like blood dragon and show to bigger devs/publishers that weird ass ideas actually get peoples attention and money and not constantly copying each other.

Yeah, ok, he's been MMA "trained", but it's not like he's even the basketball star that has been in a martial arts film:

I still have my ShaqFu SNES cartridge, out of morbid glee over how bad it is I suppose. Hey someone gave it to me free, not like I actually bought the piece of crap.

Somebody needs to tell him how his past venture went. I remember there being a website dedicated to destroying every cartidge of the game ever made, and from what I hear they were doing reasonably well.

Both games feature a distinct lack of basketball.

Well here's hoping that basketball features in this one, even if it's only throwing flaming basketballs at enemies like the picture suggests. Is that picture for Shaqfighter or something else?

Captcha: vogon poetry. It appears that captcha does not think much of this news.

Note to Game Companies: no one wants to play a game named after a sports star that doesn't involve the sport they played. I mean seriously? Shaq has absolutely nothing to do with fighting...why are you making a fighting game that revolves around him? It's literally just making a fighting game and shoe-horning Shaq in for some inexplicable reason.

Is that picture for Shaqfighter or something else?

It's actually of the ShaqDown iOS game, which apparently got fairly good reviews.

I'm surprised they didn't just go with BioShaq. That's a game I'd play.

Do I get to play as an elite soldier of the United Shaq Alliance and are there 5 different way of Shaqqing a door with grenades, kicks, crowbars and the such? Do I get to hear the words: "Shaq 1, this is Shaq 2, I've eyes on Bougy Shaq."?
Does it have real life United Shaq Alliance soldiers in the development team so the story can be realistic and authentic?


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