Retro Game Music Bundle Rocks Out For a Dollar

Retro Game Music Bundle Rocks Out For a Dollar

7/11 Soundtrack cover

The Retro Game Music Bundle is a two-tier collection of old-school videogame soundtracks including Myst, Duke Nukem 3D, The 7th Guest and more.

Do you like videogame music? It is, I admit, kind of a silly question, since it covers such a breadth of genres that it makes more sense to ask if you like music, period. To wit: the Retro Game Music Bundle, which collects the disparate stylings of The 7th Guest and 11th Hour, Duke Nukem 3D, Myst, Jazz Jackrabbit and Tyrian all together for as little as a dollar. It's the first-time-ever release for both the Duke Nukem and Jazz Jackrabbit soundtracks, while Robyn Miller remastered the Myst soundtrack (easily my favorite) just for this bundle.

Big spenders willing to blow at least ten bucks can take it to Level Two, which adds another 13 soundtracks to the pile, including a Duke Nukem 3D remix album, Duke Nukem 2, Shadow Warrior, Double Dragon Neon, Edge, Magnets, Wacky Wheels and more. There are also rewards for the top contributors to the bundle, including t-shirts, posters and a personalized message recorded by Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, which I'm sure will be completely classy from the first word to the last.

It's not necessarily the most compelling music bundle ever - there's an awful lot of Bobby Prince here and Doom notwithstanding, his work never really turned my crank - but if that's your thing, this is a lot of music for a tenner. The first tier is a different story: A buck for unreleased, remastered soundtracks from seven classic games is a heck of a deal.

The Retro Game Music bundle runs for two weeks, and the clock is ticking down as we speak. Check it out at


jazz jackrabbit, but not unreal tournament as well? i am disappoint :/

I don't know most of these games, so even at the rather nominal price, it doesn't seem like it's a good deal for me. Still, a couple of those soundtracks are calling me, so maybe I'll toss a buck (or ten) down.

It's mostly a collection of Bobby Prince and Lee Jackson, and there's nothing from Rise of the Triad? That's a shame. I'd pay big bucks for a remastered ROTT soundtrack by itself.

I already have the 7th Guest and 11th Hour soundtracks, and I know I've got Duke Nukem .midis somewhere too. I've listened to Double Dragon Neon a few times since it came out, and although it's very good, I've actually gone back to listening to the .nsfs when I wanted to listen to DD. I'm not too enthralled with the other offerings, but Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is a nostalgia kick for me, for sure.

So on the one hand, there isn't a whole lot that makes this collection a "must have" for me. But, on the other hand, I'm the type guy who listens to video game music like other people listen to the Top 40 charts. I've got a much larger collection of game music than actual recording artists.

Even though these aren't my first choices or dupes of stuff I have, I'm thinking I'll chip in a few bucks because I want to support what they're doing. I'm sure some of the stuff I haven't heard before will grow on me. And hopefully this'll lead to more game music bundles in the future.

The only one I'd go for on that list is the Tyrian soundtrack, and as I've already got it / its free on GoG...oh well.

*Edit* Figured I'd just say. Go and check out the music for Tyrian, its still fucking sweet even to this day. Especially 'Gyges, will you please help me'.

Eh, I grabbed the first tier. I love the Myst soundtrack so the opportunity to pick up a remastered version for a couple bucks was too much to pass on. DN3D and JJ are curiosities, but 7/11 should be cool too. Always liked The Fat Man.

I'm with you on that Andy the Myst soundtrack is about the only thing that makes that bundle appealing. At least the price is right.

I'll third you on Myst. I got the $10 level anyways. I was also impressed that they offer all of them in FLAC.


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