GameLife Host Arrested for Death Threats

GameLife Host Arrested for Death Threats

The host of GameLife, an online gaming video cast, has been arrested for threatening an ex-girlfriend's life by reenacting the Virginia Tech shootings.

Andrew Rosenblum, the 20-year-old host of the GameLife internet show, was arrested by the Boston police for threatening via email to kill an ex-girlfriend and recreate the Virginia Tech shooting.

The message sent to his girlfriend reads, "I'm gonna (expletive) bring a gun to your school and kill you and K (another female student) and everybody you love. It's gonna be VT all over again. ... Seriously I'm just that demented."

He concluded with a hint that he would commit suicide after his other threats had been fulfilled. He states that "killing people can change people's lives forever. The best is in the end when I pull the trigger on myself, too."

Needham police arrested Rosenblum at his parents' Wildwood Drive home at 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday after receiving a tip from a 19-year-old student at a local women's college. She told cops she went on three dates with Rosenblum at the beginning of the school year then broke up with him after which he began to harass her. The police categorized Rosenblum's threats as "very serious." Investigations into their validity is ongoing.


I remember watching the first couple of shows of that show purely for the entertainment value of how rubbish it was. But it's really weird, thinking that the guy could do something like this - but then, judging by his show he'd properly naff it up.

There are two issues here, and neither of them good. On the one hand, I dislike it when some dork comes along and lends credence to the stereotype that game players are all unstable, date-less freaks. On the other, I hate it when so e dork comes along and lends credence to the stereotype that all game-centric TV is crap. I'm honestly not sure which bothers me more.


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