Two Halo Fans Play Classical Instruments During a Firefight

Two Halo Fans Play Classical Instruments During a Firefight

The fan video features geek culture favorite Lindsey Stirling on violin, and pianist William Joseph playing the piano in a flak jacket.

When we last heard about violinist Lindsey Stirling, she was melting hearts with her hip-hop Zelda medley. Now she's back to tackle Halo's widely praised orchestral score, along with pianist William Joseph.

The video shows the two musicians doing a duet medley of famous Halo tracks, all whilst in the midst of a firefight. It's equal parts awesome and bizarre to see Joseph playing the piano while dressed in full tactical military gear, and Lindsey dodging bullets through the trees without missing a single note.

What's probably the most amazing is that this video is in no-way associated with Microsoft or Bungie. It's just the work of a lot of dedicated fans who really love Halo. Filmmaker Devin Graham extends his thanks to the 405th for providing the Spartan costumes and weapons, Tim Winn for organizing all of the actors, and various others involved in the film, including, of course, Joseph and Stirling. If you're interested in how the film was put together, be sure to check out the making of video.

The video is a little bit silly (how they heck did they drag that grand piano out there in the first place), but the music is definitely worth listening to and the effects and costumes are really well made. If nothing else it's a reminder of just how epic Halo's soundtrack was, something that seems to have been lost with the latest games in the series.


As someone who isn't the biggest fan of Lindsey Sterling I actually liked this video, yes even the piano in the middle of nowhere part.

There's a kind of beauty in two instruments being played in the thick of a firefight.

Aand that's why I'm a huge fan of her work. I got flashbacks to sleepless nights playing on the old Xbox with three friends, and yet the song is still uniquely her own.

As soon as I saw the name Devin Graham I had to watch this; always been impressed by his camera work.

I am amazed you found a copy of this to post, Microsoft having been going insane DCMA take-downing this when it pops up normally. I have had to add the video to my favorites list 5 times due to previous links being shot down.

I love her work, and as normal this was amazingly fun to watch

I can't watch this video right now, unfortunately, being on my lunch hour at work (who block Youtube sadly, though not the Escapist for some reason). However, it's on my 'to watch' list when I get home this evening. Lindsey Stirling is a very talented young woman and I love her work, and as an amateur film-maker I want to meet Devin Graham so he can give me tips and advice, or just to buy him a beer for being so good at what he does. I've been a fan of their collaborations for a long time now, I have no doubt this is going to be just as awesome as their previous work (bboth game-related and not game-related...).

Plus, it helps that I'm a self confessed Halo fanboy anyway xD.

I really like Lindsey Stirling work most of time and I think the instruments in this peace went really well together also excellent camera work.

One: She's also done a Skyrim tune, but it has shitty vocals from some guy in a toilet-seat cover, so YMMV.

Two: She is freaking awesome and I hope articles like this put here even more out there to audiences.

Three: I recommend finding some way of....acquiring the video from YouTube before Microsoft shuts them down again.

Playing isn't anything to write home about, and the visuals seem kind of dumb (but then again I've never been a big fan of music videos).

Orchestration and arrangement is kind of good.


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