Skyrim: Legendary Edition Strategy Guide Might Break Your Bookshelf

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Skyrim: Legendary Edition Strategy Guide Might Break Your Bookshelf

Skyrim Legendary Edition prima guide

Everyone knows there's a lot of content in Skyrim, so cataloguing all of it is going to take a pretty big book.

How big, you ask? Big enough that the folks at Prima made an infographic just to tell you. The Prima Game Guide spans 1,100 pages for a total of 785,000 words. For the record, that's longer than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. The hardcover edition of the guide weighs in at six pounds, so you definitely don't want this one falling onto your toes. The secrets held within are the results of over 3,000 hours of "study" by Prima's experts.

I feel like I know Skyrim pretty well, but these guys have logged a few more hours into the game than I have. Their wisdom will guide you through the 350+ quests of Skyrim and its expansions, and those who don't care much for literature can enjoy the guide's 4,000 full-color screenshots. At that point, budget gamers could probably get the full experience just by reading through the guide, avoiding the need to spend money on accessories like the actual game.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition is the compulsory rerelease of the 2011 game with all the DLC in one package. The new Prima guide will be sold alongside the Legendary Edition at GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy. The tome comes in two flavors: the paperback print will set you back $30, while the hardcover Collector's Edition includes a 24-inch poster of Alduin's Wall and comes with classy ribbon bookmarks, sold for $50.

Source: Prima Games, via Bethesda


I've got room, right next to my Alduin statue. Hope it's going to contain the book texts from the game, I'm bad at reading those in-game.

That's no strategy guide, it's a bloody tome. The contents of which just happen to be what you might find in a strategy guide.

Well there is the Internet for this sort of thing, so I'm pretty sure the main reason this will get bought is that it looks so freaking classy.

Also, here's me trying to be funny: Do you only have to look at the first page to take in all the information within the book?

Fifty bucks! That's pretty good value man.

I've paid more for far less of a book.

Oh hey, look at the empty space on my bookshelf!

That would look really nice there and that's actually not that bad of a price for a freakin' tome.

So want. :D

The regular strategy guide was huge, this thing is the strategy guide equivalent of War And Peace.

To be fair, though, Skyrim is big enough to demand such a large strategy guide.

Someone needs to mod that book into the game as a weapon...

Fifty bucks! That's pretty good value man.

I've paid more for far less of a book.

Though, I know some group of people somewhere will have something bad to say about it.

I've never had problems with the amount or quality of the things I get when I get special/collector's editions of items(though usually it is game collector's editions), but it seems like all the ones I've got in the past have had a rabid following of people that complain how what they get for the extra money isn't enough or isn't "quality" product.

Most of the ones I got tended to be editions that only cost around 20 bucks more, but some people seem to think that 20 dollars extra means super high quality. These days people don't seem to realize that 20 extra bucks means the extras will be slightly above flimsy bargain bin quality at best.

This Skyrim Legendary edition guide:
Fifty bucks for the hardcover is right at the low end of where actual quality starts when buying an item.

Someone needs to mod that book into the game as a weapon...

Even better if it could do half the stuff Margaret from Persona 4 could do with her book.

I have no need for this, and yet I want a copy to go on my shelf. It's much more impressive looking than the unlabeled CD case with my backup of the game from Steam.

Jeebus, and I thought the vanilla Skyrim guide was thick. I've had history textbooks smaller than that thing.

I think a lot of the purchases will come from people who are skyrim junkies that like the way it looks, which is awesome. I can only imagine how much of an undertaking it was to put that thing together too. That is worth the 50.00 right there.

I want this...but I'm not sure why.

Want. Want very badly. It looks freaking amazing. Id display it beside my bed :D

I actually read strategy guides for fun in my spare time if they are lying around. This is definitely up my alley.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first strategy guide I've been remotely interested in since the early days of the PS2. Thanks to faqs and wikis, there isn't much use for them as actual game tools, but this is a beautiful piece of memorabilia. It doesn't have to be functional, you just have to be a fan of the series.

All of this thing's worth comes from it just being a beautiful object. For everything else, there's Mastercard

And I just happen to be fifty bucks short. Curse my luck.

...and half of that is just covering bugs!

*Ba Dum Tsh*

But seriously, I want this. I have never bought a strategy guide before. I have never required the use of a strategy guide before (discounting of course!) but this is something I need in my life...

Still not as big as the collected Calvin and Hobbes. Since I got the damned thing I haven't been able to read any of it. This looks pretty cool though, I'd get it if I wasn't already done with the game in all of its iterations. (By that I mean mods.)

That is actually really cheap for a book that size and limited release at that, still have no use for it whatsoever but it's a fair deal.

i... may be compelled to buy this book, even though the internet completely killed the relevance of things like this and it's nothing but a novelty. it's pretty, and i'm a long time fan of the elder scrolls series, and i just happen to have some spare cash laying around.

I'm gonna grab it, if nothing else to support the idea of making such a thing, let them see there is profit in it, that there is a demand for such things - so that maybe they put some similar sort of effort into future products. I miss the old days of things like the baldur's gate 2 spiral bound manual and such (which i still have). Having a physical item of good quality i can peruse from time to time is worth it, especially since its so rare these days.

Anyone remembers "Lunar: the Silver Star" on sega mega CD? I have that and i bought a strategy guide for it.
This Skyrim guide will be the second stragety guide i'll buy.

This seems like a terrible investment. Aside from the brief novelty it will provide, I can't understand why anyone would want to purchase this.

If I buy this I'm throwing it in my school's D&D collection because fuck it it belongs there.

Hopefully they paid close attention to the work the guys over at UESP have done. If they go into the level of detail that's done there this may actually be worth my $50 :D

Finally, a book I can safely classify as a murder weapon!

*Goes out to beat someone to death with my big massive fuck off book*

Shame the effort was wasted on such a shitty game

Iunno I'm not a huge fan of either Skyrim (well, it was ok) or purchasing game guides ( is this still a legitimate business? Poor guys.) but this looks damn good. $50 worth of good? ...yeah, maybe.


What a cheap marketing stunt.

The Morrowind strategy guide was much thinner than this, yet Morrowind objectively has TONS more content than Skyrim.

But oh well, now that the definitive edition is out it may be about time to pick the game up, at this point the modding scene has probably advanced enough to fix Bethesda's embarrassing turd.

Or you can google Elder scrolls wiki and have pretty much the same thing for free. Take your 50 bucks and buy the aforementioned Lord of the rings trilogy it should be enough for a nice hardcover edition.

...And totally not worth buying as Prima guides are always full of errors, missing info and messy content ordering. At least, the original Skyrim guide was that way. As were their Fallout 3, San Andreas and Final Fantasy X guides (the Piggyback FFX guide, by contrast, was bloody amazing, as were all their guides I own (9 of them :3)).

How are Prima guides still even a thing?

Are there seriously that many people out there buying their guides for aesthetics?

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