Europa Universalis IV Grabs A Release Date, Debut Trailer

Europa Universalis IV Grabs A Release Date, Debut Trailer

Europa Universalis IV is now officially in the works. We've got a launch date and the game's pre-order trailer to prove it.

Though developer Paradox Interactive has been making games for years, most of you would only be familiar with the name for one key reason: Paradox is the creator of the infinitely addictive, terrifyingly deep strategy title Crusader Kings II. If this is the case, and your familiarity with Paradox stems from the dozens of hours you've devoted to reforming the papalcy or raiding Anglican beach settlements in search of glory, you should be pleased to hear that Paradox has announced its next project, Europa Universalis IV, a game built with the same exacting attention to detail that's made Crusader Kings II my new favorite vice.

This morning Paradox issued a press release centering on Europa Universalis IV which claims that the title should hit retail on August 13, 2013. Described as Paradox's "most epic historical strategy yet," Europa Universalis IV focuses on the same sort of empire building and political intrigue that has long been a hallmark of Paradox titles. Need more? Watch the vignette embedded at top-right. That's the game's first trailer, and it does a solid job of covering exactly what you can expect to see in the upcoming strategy release.

Alternately, the game's official description, courtesy Paradox:

Europa Universalis IV gives you control of a nation to guide it through the years and create a dominant global empire in the age of exploration, providing unprecedented freedom through the use of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy to let you rule your nation however you see fit. Strategists will face ruthless AI in an extensive single-player campaign, or be able to backstab friends and foes in 32-player online matches.

Europa Universalis IV is slated to appear on Windows, Linux and OS X platforms. On release the game will feature a $40 price tag, though there will also be a "Digital Extreme Edition" available for $45 which features a host of content not found in the standard release. Full details can be found on the game's pre-order page.


Awesome to have a release date.

I think I've sank about 500 hours into Paradox's Grand Strategy games (Victoria II, Europa Universalis III, & Crusader Kings II).

There is mention of rulers having a greater play in EUIV - I hope they apply some form of the Crusader Kings II dynasty system and personal intrigue as I found that to be the best part of the game and what really made it stand out.

And this was the point where I decided to snatch both EU4 EE and Total War: Rome II preorders. EU4 has been a must-buy for me ever since I tried Crusader Kings II - that game was such an amazing blast to play, and especially in MP with friends.

I think you mean 'Papacy' - without the 'l' and a capital 'P'.
And although this does sound interesting, I'll have to pass. If I didn't already have enough games on my plate, Crusader King II is enough to last me an eternity. I don't need a second Black Hole.

And there went the free time of a ton of people straight down the nearest maelstrom, sucked in by their incapability to defy their new overlord known only as EU4. These games are fun, but you never really realize just how much time you end up spending on them before you've already gone through your 400th hour or so...


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