Killer is Dead Videos Show Off Gameplay, "Gigolo Glasses"

Killer is Dead Videos Show Off Gameplay, "Gigolo Glasses"

New videos showcase the hacking, slashing, and dating techniques of Sudo 51's latest game.

Killer is Dead, the latest game from eccentric creator Suda 51, was revealed a few months back via a psychedelic trailer. A stereotypically Japanese take on James Bond, it features robot arms, willing women, and space suits. We now have more context to go with that insanity cocktail, thanks to more recently released gameplay videos.

One video starts with Chopin playing softly, as grown men speak in Japanese and kill each other. Presumably this would expand on the background of the killers who are dead, but we'll have to wait for a proper English translation to know for sure. After that, the video shows off the hack'n'slash gameplay Suda's known for.

If that last little bit has you wanting more, there are a few other videos show the gameplay more extensively. It seems to have a very Bayonetta, No More Heroes vibe about it.

Meanwhile, another video shows off Killer is Dead's romantic side. Alongside all the hacking and slashing, there's also a dating simulator at your disposal. While the Japanese dialog makes the proceedings slightly less comprehensible, it seems to involve a lot of good ol' fashioned ogling. If that's not enough to turn you on, the protagonist can also don a pair of "Giglio Glasses" and look right through your prospective date's clothing. Classy.

Many more brief videos are available on the Japanese 4Gamer YouTube channel.

Killer is Dead will come to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this summer.

Source: 4Gamer


That trailer... was very japanese.

Very not my kinda game though, I can see how it would appeal to some, but to me it looks like garbage.

well I still am not sure what is going on exactly in this game but I have the desire to buy this game.

Awesome trailer. Do want.


Everything from Suda 51 gets me excited, as a previous poster said

"Do want"

Good ol' Suda51, you psychotic bastard. I have a strong feeling that he really is one part pervert and one part man stuck in a permanent acid trip. His games area always fun just to see what bizarre, drug fueled spectacle will turn up next.


Pretty much.
Even if the game doesn't play too well Suda always has that weird charm o his games that I regularly love.

Whatever the man who made that trailer was taking. For two please.

Also I'm still recovering from the concentrated injection of Suda51 into my retinas but I WANT IT.

I.. I have no idea what just happened. But I want it.. I want it now!

Dat art style... It kind of reminds me of a cell shaded Blood Dragon with all those bright colors on a dark background. I not one for beat-'em-up style games but I think I'll look into this one

From a purely gameplay perspective, I'm not sure what to think. The combat looks like it could work well, but until we get a demo there's no way to tell how it actually feels to play. That's one of the problems with hack and slashers: those that looks bad from the get-go are probably bad, but ones that look good have just as easy a chance as being just as bad. One thing I'll say right now: I don't like the visuals. I don't mind hyper-stylized graphics, the game can keep those. Rather, something about combining the weird pseudo cell-shaded look along with the dark visuals and hyper-stylized graphics just make the game look, well, weird. I don't mean weird as in "Woah, this is so weird!" rather I mean "Dammit, I can't tell what's going on" type of thing. In combat, I think the visuals actually serve to hinder the game, as it makes it almost impossible to tell what's going on

You know, this whole game screams 18+, 80's anime.
I want it.

First thought after seeing the trailer in the article: "Wow, neat."
First thought after watching the "other video": "Wow...really?"

Desert Punk:
That trailer... was very japanese.

I'd say they were BOTH "very Japanese."

Dude with katana? Check. Cartoonish ultra violence? Check. Murderers in suit coats? Check. Tigers? Check. Yep, it's a Suda51 game. Can't wait.

Also, is this the first game from him that is actually scripted in Japanese? Most of the other ones that I can think of are voiced in English and then subbed into Japanese.

A few things:

-I feel terrible, but, in the context of the game and creator, I first read "Chopin" as "Choppin'", assuming it was the name of the main character, because why not.

-Is it me, or is Suda one of the most consistent developers working today? I usually don't wait long before he announces new titles.

-Towards the end of the trailer, I got to thinking that if he got a proper game engine set up, he could possibly make a fantastic Dynasty Warriors clone. And I mean a game with that style of gameplay (one OP nutjob mowing down thousands of people at once) but with an original story and tweaks that makes it stand out.

0:40 - Well, I always wondered what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

This may be the most stylishly ugly game I've ever seen.

I suspect we're looking at another Suda 51 game- which is to say it will be unlike anything else out there (except maybe other Suda 51 games), it will have a dedicated cult following, and it won't sell all that well. I certainly admire Suda 51 for doing his own thing, but man... No one with a history of epilepsy will be admitted, n'est-ce pas?

Damn, this game is gonna be sweet, the fighting trailer looks like the game is gonna have some awesome combat if it is like No More Heroes!

That second trailer...that lady seems pretty lax around a guy with a massive arm with weapons attached.

Hmmm, well to be honest I think Suda 51 is rather overrated. To be honest I felt he was a talent to watch with "Killer 7" especially when the borked logic of that one eventually shines through, and "No More Heroes" was a classic, even it was for the "Wii". The thing is that his last few games, "Lollipop Chainsaw" and "Shadows Of The Damned" seemed to be trying too hard and didn't quite have the same kind of magic to them. Looking at this game it seems like it's a pretty straightforward Arena-Brawler, where you fight guys in one "room" (no matter how it looks) before moving on to another, perhaps with some variant rules put in like a "Baseball" themed sequence or whatever to be weird. In short it seems to me like he's dialing it in, using surrealistic art to hide what seems to be a fairly lazy game. It's hard to say much about the writing the way that trailer is set up, but he has seemed to largely been re-doing a lot of the same stuff that made him big with slight variations for his last few games.

Just my opinion, I'll probably try it eventually, but I'm not going to go running out for a day #1 purchase. No offense to the fans, who I hope will be happy with it. This is simply my thoughts.

Ooooh Suda, this one is looking really good. Like, really good.

Don't mess this up for me, Suda.

What was one of the big complaints about games as art? There are no auteurs?

Suda 51, you deliciously psychotic, mad magnificent bastard of a man, I can smell your games from miles away and they always smell delicious.

Psh, no auteurs my arse.


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