Penny-Arcade Adventures Episode 4 Out Now

Penny-Arcade Adventures Episode 4 Out Now

The final chapter in Penny-Arcade's foray into videogames is now available for purchase on Steam for $4.49

Penny-Arcade: OTRSPOD Episode 4 brings the tale of Gabe and Tycho's videogame adventure to a close, and is now available on Steam for $4.49, with an Xbox Arcade release "coming soon." From the website: "The new game expands considerably on its predecessor in size, scope and gameplay. Create the ultimate fighting force by recruiting bizarre, occasionally disgusting monsters and teaming them up with the best trainer for the job."

Penny-Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness has a long name and an ever longer development cycle. Episode 1 originally debuted all the way back in 2008, and was developed by Hothead games. It was an adventure-rpg with 3D models, staring Gabe and Tycho as stylized versions of themselves (despite the fact that Gabe and Tycho are already stylized versions of the Penny-Arcade authors) living in "ye-olde-times" (perhaps the 1920's?). Episode 1 and the subsequent second episode were overwhelmingly average, especially considering the duo's internet fame.

Apparently, Hothead felt the same way, opting to discontinue its development of further episodes in 2010. It looked like the Penny-Arcade project was dead, until Zeboyd Games stepped in in 2011 and announced it would develop the final two episodes, albeit in an entirely new graphical style.

The third episode was released in 2012 and sported some totally retro pixel-art visuals, and felt much more like a Penny-Arcade game. It was also made available on Android and iOS devices, whilst the first two episodes were exclusive to PC and Xbox. We can probably assume that this forth episode will also makes its way to the mobile operating systems at some point in the future.

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I wish Zeboyd had been working on it all along. Breath of Death VII and Cthluhu Saves the World are fantastic old-school JRPGs with charm, and the Penny Arcade project has allowed them to hone their craft even further. For those who are wondering, you don't need to have played the 30 dollar pair of Episode 1 and 2 in order to understand and jump in to 3 and 4 for like $9.50. I think I picked up episode 3 for like...$1.50 on sale? Lots of gameplay, humor, and something to love for those who grew up on old-school Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Came out on Friday, just being reported now. What, do you save the less important news for slower days like Sunday? I digress, the game is amazing. It's funny in that great Penny Arcade way, the gameplay is way improved from 3, and while advertised as a 12 hour game I finished it in, roughly, 8 hours. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes classic RPGs.

I got it on friday as well. Personally I liked 3 better (not a big fan of pokemon or the pokemon battle system). It still incorporates the same battle system as 3 mostly though (kinda like a grandia system meets Final Fantasy system), so it's not all bad.

I believe the 3rd episode is still free on their website right now, and it a blast of a game. I highly recommend the 3rd episode and both Cthulu saves the world and breath of death.....all are awesome. If you don't mind using steam though they will probably be on massive sale soon with the summer sale coming up.

As far as 4 goes, I paid more for it then 3, but didn't like it as much. It was still worth way more entertainment value to me then watching a movie though, and it's cheaper then even watching a movie on demand (let alone in a theator).

While not my cup of tea as much, I still recommend the 4th game, although if you haven't played the 3rd yet you might want to hold off, play the 3rd and wait for a sale on the 4th.

Ah, Steam sales... I must've paid 5 bucks for episodes 1 and 2, and they were giving out free keys for episode 3 not so long ago. Still haven't played any of them, though (ah, the pile...), so I'm in no rush to get this one.

Haven't played the new one yet, but Ep 3 was much better than the first two, and much more what I would have expected all along.

I enjoyed Episode 3, and I enjoyed the battle system they used, as it cut out the between-battle micromanagement that I tend to hate about JRPGs, and allowed for much more intra-battle strategy.

I did enjoy Episodes 1 and 2 though; they had an active-battle system which reminded me of Super Mario RPG, which I played back on the SNES. There are a number of minigames used for the special moves, and you could block or crit an attack by correctly timing a button press. If that sounds good to you, I would recommend picking them up.

One of the biggest problems with Episode 2 is that it came out in the fall of 2008; the economy was tanking, and there were a ton of other hugely-anticipated games coming out. PA even make a comic about this: Operation Myriad. After the underwhelming sales of Episode 2, Hothead went on to make Deathspank.

What, do you save the less important news for slower days like Sunday?

Not really a matter of "saving" it, i'm one of the only newsies that works on Sundays, so I look around for stuff other people haven't picked up yet

Average? Well, they had an exclusive fighting style for each of the characters, presented the whole universe used in the future games, they had nice bonuses(not present in the Zeboyd games, and there were nice cutscenes too. Frankly, I've played all the four games, and can't say the Zeboyd versions are better, but they are extremely fun and finally closed the tale in a interesting way. Oh, take care with the higher difficulties, they can really challenge you, since this game have no real farming method.


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